September launch cancelled

September 25, 2012

Due to fire danger, SPARC's September launch has been cancelled. Our final launch of the season remains scheduled for Saturday October 27'th. President Bob

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Jeff Halstead

November 26, 2006

My first rockets in elementary school were made of matchstick heads and aluminum foil flown off our lawn furniture. From there, I graduated to my own zinc-sulphur mixture, only to fill the basement time and again with smoke as I tested the propellant. While I enjoyed flying Estes rockets, as a kid I'd build my own motors. One successful flight flew over a tall pine tree and crashed into the neighbor's roof. I was lucky to leave my youth with both hands intact.

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Ray Stoner

January 3, 2005

My venture into rocketry started at a young age when I was in the cub/boy scouts. I remember looking in the back of the Boy's Life magazine and drooling over the rockets I saw there. I got catalogs and continued my drooling, but for some reason I never got a rocket to build. Either my parents decided that I was too young, or they didn't have the money to do it. My favorites at the time were the mosquito and the SR-71. The mosquito appealed to me just for the altitude it could get, advertised at around 1000 feet. The SR-71 was just damn cool. I realize now that I would have had to have a lot of mosquito's if I planned to launch more than a couple of times.

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Dave Glass

December 3, 2003

I built my first rocket in the second grade ---- TP tube and construction paper nose; The launch pad was board with a rubber band. My parents were supportive of my quest to be a rocket scientist; X-mass and birthday presents were erector sets, Gilbert chemistry sets, etc.

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Marty Weiser

Marty Weiser Rocketeer Profile – November 2003

I was involved in rocketry from about 1968 – 73 and then became a born again rocketeer (BAR) in either late ‘99 or early 2000 when I took my boys out to a SPARC launch after seeing one of the flyers posted by Kirk. We flew a couple of the models that had survived in my folks’ attic and we were hooked. Since then the rockets and motors have gotten bigger (I now have my Low Explosives User Permit – LEUP) so that I am now doing the design work on an M impulse rocket that I plan to use for NAR level 3 certification in the Spring of 2004. Along the way I had my arm twisted to become the SPARC VP in the fall of 2000 which evolved into my current role when the President decided to step down.

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Kirk Mohror

Just like everyone else, I started with model rockets in elementary school. I had these wonderful designs until this kid said I could not just design a rocket without doing the string test....huh? Ok, so I bought some models, built my own launch pad a flew rockets on the farm I lived on......and lost all of them.

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Dave Luders

While a teenager in the early 1970s, I launched Estes rockets in Connecticut. There were far too many trees there that "ate" my creations! While attending Cornell University in upstate New York, I scratch-built many rockets using Centuri and FSI components. I recall building a M.I.R.V. (Multiple Independently-Targetable Reenty Vehicle) rocket that fired 3 small rockets from a "mother ship" which had short wooden launch rods attached to 3 compound elliptical fins. My Estes swing-wing glider landed on top of a 10-story dormitory. I was very fond of the (now defunct) Flight Systems Inc. (FSI) F7-6 black-powder motor with its 12-second burn!

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Bob Yanecek

TRA #1292 Certified November 1990

NAR #79405 Certified Level 1 June 2001

Flew my first rocket as part of a 5'th grade science project.
Continued sporadically with just about everything D powered and lower.

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Mark Howe

NAR# 69434

First foray into rocketry: 1965 thru 1979. I remember being in the 4th grade and a classmate did a science project that involved launching a rocket. I thought it was so cool that I had my parents take me out the very next day and purchased an Estes "Scout".

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