Club Project Lift off Photos

June 1, 2005

First lift off photo!

Just off the rail, one motor isn't burning.


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Credit to Rocketshots
Scanned and posted with permission

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Nike-Hercules Sustainer Sim Results J350

January 26, 2005

View image Here are the sim results for the sustainer on a J350. There is some distinct wobble in the boost. Speed off the rail is 53 ft/s which is adequate. However, I would sure feel better about a J570.

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Nike-Hercules Sim Results 5xJ350

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Club Nike-Hercules 2D view

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John's 2.75X Alpha & Kellogg

January 9, 2005

This is John Weiser's (age 12) space related project. One of the options was to build a scratch built rocket and compare it to a NASA type rocket. John had been talking about doing upscales of his Estes Alpha Kellogg so we found some 2.56" phenolic tube and did the first one. He decided to show a HPR motor and the only one I had was a J570 which he thought was very cool - although too large for this project. He has plast grains and the case for a 38/360 to demo at school. John did some of every step except cutting out the fins on the bandsaw including turning the nose cone.

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Skeeter Eater Beater L3 Cert Flight - M1419

December 5, 2004

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