Membership & Waiver Form

September 30, 2014

This document contains the club membership form, spectator waiver, and the "Code of Conduct" for the club. It must be filled out on a yearly basis. Download file

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June 12, 2014

The Club Flier contains contact information and directions to our launch site. You can download it here: Download file

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Launch Director (LD) Checklist

June 10, 2014

A launch can't take place unless a club member steps up to be a Launch Director (LD). Not a glamorous job by any means, but it is THE most important one. Any adult can be an LD, we've even created a nifty checklist to help you keep track of the associated tasks with suggested time frames for each item. Download file

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RSO Checklist

A few of our club members who have been certified to fly High Power thru the NAR or TRA perform the duties of a Range Safety Officer (RSO). The checklist in this document contains some of the items that the RSO should cover with the rockets owner before a flight is attempted. All rockets flying "G" or larger motors are required to have an RSO sign their flight card prior to being launch. Safety first! Download file

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Over 18? Want to be an LCO?

This document describes how to operate the clubs Ground Support Equipment (GSE). It's easy to become a Launch Control Officer (LCO), and it's loads of fun 'cause you get to flip the switches and push the BIG RED LAUNCH BUTTON! Mentors are available to help you become familiar with our range operations. In fact it's easier if two people are working together as a team to perform this function. Download file

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High Altitude (>5K) Criteria

This document depicts the clubs criteria that has to be met in order for a flight of over 5,000' to be attempted. Download file

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Pre-Launch Fliers Meeting Comments

This document contains a brief review of the items that should be covered during the fliers meeting. Download file

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Flight Cards

March 28, 2006

Every rocket flown must have a flight card filled out prior to being launched. We'll have a stack of blank ones on site for each launch, but if you want to get a head start and fill yours out ahead of time, here they are!

Download file

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February 10, 2005

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The SPokane Area Rocket Club (SPARC) logo.

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Map & Directions

November 11, 2002

The launch site in Spokane is very large, approx 3/4 mile square, with more surrounding fields. The terrain is flat, and there are very few trees. The site is waivered to 7000 feet AGL.

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