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David Bowman launch report

October 7, 2019

We had a beautiful day for flying today, with sunny skies, light winds, and temperatures in the 50s to low 60s all day. There was a large crowd with many spectators and 12 individual fliers. Special thanks to Scott Binder for joining us. It was a rare treat for us to have a vendor present at a SPARC launch, and at least one family bought their first rocket from him today. There were 38 launches and almost that many recoveries. We launched motors including every letter from B-J (need to launch an A next time). We burned through approximately 435g of black powder and 1.2 kg of APCP. The flights had a total Impulse of 2,520N-sec, equivalent to a full K. Marty Weiser flew the single biggest motor with a J350, although I (David Bowman) edged him out in total impulse with 1,004N-sec from a combination of F thru I motors. Somehow I think we'll see Marty show up with a K or L at the next launch! David Glass and Alan Roberts were dueling for the most flights, and ended up tying with 6 apiece. However David had the most landings, since the curse of the infamous Estes E made at one of his rockets come down in more than more than one piece. Special mention to Maya Prouty and Cody Meyer from the Gonzaga Rocket Club for their L1 cert attempts. Let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather in early November; we have possible launch dates on the weekends of November 2/3 or November 9/10. Sincerely, Your fair-weather launch director

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October launch concuded

October 6, 2019

Weather was awesome. Flights were great. Thank you David Bowman for most excellent Launch Director duties. How hard can it be ;-) President bob

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