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Dave Glass launch report

May 12, 2019

What a day----not only were we blessed with great weather, but were also graced with the presence of none other than Joe Cooney, who (what a surprise) managed to slip in the first launch of the day. He had one rocket--the only two-stage of the day-- "Morning Dew", which he flew six times. Halfway through, it looked like his run would be ended by a separation, but he managed to find the nose and shock cord and fix it on site to get back in the action. His flight numbers were matched by Dave Bowman, who had the only cluster of the day, the three-C6-3 "Ranger". I managed to get in 11 flights, finally slaking my simmering rocket jones. There was some "entertainment" during the day: Mr. Bowman's "Big Daddy", running an E9-4, stayed burning on the pad for a while before finally taking off in cruise missile mode. My "Space Oddity" was WAY overpowered with an F67-6 and suddenly leaped to a squirrelly takeoff before also going cruisin'. But the big show was when Bob's "GTV" suffered a CATO with its single-use G40-10, resulting in the world-famous "flaming baton trick". It is included in the flight tally because it did reach an altitude of about 50'. There was a decent turnout---somewhere around a dozen (I didn't take an accurate head count). Even Mark Howe was given a break from being shuttled around the country to spend a few hours with us! ‚Äč There were 45 flights with the following motor breakdown: A 2 B 9 C 19 D 6 E 11 F 2 G 4 which totals approximately 8,000 Zortnuks, or 4 1/2 Olivia Newtons. Good day of flying. If you weren't there, you shoulda been!

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May 11 launch concluded

May 11, 2019

It may have been only a FAR 101 launch but turnout was good and activity was brisk. Lots of great flights. Only one CATO which wouldn't bother me except that it was mine. Weather could not have been much better. 2 attendee's from the East coast no less. president bob

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