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David Bowman launch report

June 3, 2018

SPARC had a busy weekend hosting youth groups, with two Cub Scout packs launching rockets on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for flying and sunburns! There were a total of 88 launches (34 on B6-4s alone) ranging from Marty Weiser's Cicic Mini glider on a 1/2 A3-2 to Rick Biggerstaff's beautiful future L2 rocket on an I600 Redline. We totaled approximately 2838 N-sec of total Impulse, equivalent to an L motor. We also burned about 1.9kg of propellent ( ~687g of black powder! and ~1240 g of composite). All of the kids had a great time, and were "wowed" by the high power rockets. David Bowman

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June launch concluded

June 2, 2018

We had good weather and were joined by 2 cub scout groups for a great day of launching. We will now stand down until after fire season is behind us. president bob

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