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David Bowman launch report

May 14, 2018

SPARC had a great Missiles fOr Moms launch, and even had a few moms present! The wind was a bit of a challenge and kept us mostly limited to model pads. There were a total of 44 launches ranging from Mark Howe's Estes Meanie on an A3-4T to David Powers' Patriot on an I366 Redline. We totaled approximately 3015 N-sec of total Impulse, equivalent to an L motor. We also burned about 1.9kg of propellent ( ~386g of black powder and ~1540 g of composite). Thanks for the support to your's truly in my first outing as launch director. Next time we'll name an LCO who knows which direction arms the pad switches! David Bowman

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May launch concluded

May 13, 2018

It was warm and sunny with a sporadic breeze out of the NE. Turnout was moderate but we maintained steady activity until almost 4. I don't think any rockets were lost but, when I left 2 were un recovered due to hanging in trees. president bob

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