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June launch dates defined

May 15, 2017

We now have 2 launch dates defined for June. We are now planning a launch on Friday June 2'nd to support Midway Elementary 5'th graders and also a launch on Saturday June 3'rd with Marty Weiser as your launch director. Note that for the Midway launch the general public is welcome to spectate but only Midway elementary students and SPARC members can fly. President bob

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Dave Glass launch report

May 14, 2017

Yes, a bit of wind, but it was gratifying to see precipitation all around us but not on us. I had three good flights; Li'l Dude on an F20, Crash Test Dummy on an F32T, and Bruce, a Batman-themed rocket, on a G74. The Harrington Water Tower had a great up on an E20, but the wind had it in a downward trajectory after burnout. The air pressure on the large, relatively flat top prevented ejection, and that was that for the tower..... I scored the second-most-exiting flight of the day with Freddie the Freeloader, my boosted dart. After two cato's of H550's, I lit the tried and true (up to this point) I357. For an as-yet-to-be-determined reason the eject charge blew about a second after burnout, stripping the chute and core-sampling the booster. Fortunately the dart had just separated and continued its journey to 1700+ feet, deploying the chute for a gentle landing. First place for exciting flights of course goes to Rob Emanuele, the only rocketeer I know to have both a sparky liftoff AND a sparky landing! (hmmmm, I detect a nickname in the making ;-) ). Rob, let us know how things turn out; despite the jokes we hope it works out OK..... Good turnout, manageable weather, and no GSE glitches that I noticed. Thanks to Alan and all who participated. David (the one who's sorta walking ;-) )

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David Powers launch report

Because of carousing from winery to winery with a friend from Seattle the night before, I didn't arrive until 11:00 and only got three fights up. However, for a change, all three were perfect flight and except for the long walk recovered all three without hours of searching...maybe I should carouse more often. I started basic to get my feet back on the ground with the Mean Green machine on an E9-8, followed by my Jay Hawk on a G79-10W...during the recovery of which I missed Rob's excitement. My final launch was my 24mm reverse fin, now renamed to the simpler "Backup". I finally got the Rocket Models back to Mark...sorry it took so long. Thank you Alan for a fun launch (and the spirit of Joe for keeping the rain away)... those who launched and inspected rockets. It was good to see everyone and to meet some new enthusiasts. David...the one still walking...so far.

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Alan Roberts Launch report

Well the weather cooperated. Rain showers avoided us and the winds while brisk at times were manageable. We had a great turnout with lots of new faces which I always find exciting. New faces are the lifeblood of a club and I sincerely hope that many of those new faces become old friends as we share the rocketry bug. We had 21 flyers put up 48 rockets using 51 motors (there were no engines other than those in the cars that people arrived in). We covered the spectrum from 1/2 A thru I with a total impulse burned of 4,488 NS (I use average for each motor size). We had 8 L1 certification attempts of which 7 were successful. I believe that those all came from Marty's students. Perhaps one of the "old timers" will know if that is a record number of L1 certification attempts at a SPARC launch? Mark Howe had the most flights with 7 a couple of which involved gliders that performed quite nicely even in the stiff breeze. Rob Emanuele burned the highest collective impulse (again using average motor thrust) with 971.25 NS. Rob also had the longest time aloft on his last flight of the day at around 5 hours. Rob has to give an assist to Avista and their power lines for that feat. I watched it thru the binoculars and have to say that it was quite the flash of light when his rocket hit the power lines. Personally, I finally got my Jolly Logic Chute Release to work properly. The first flight was in a LOC Precision IRIS on a G80 Blue Thunder. Perfect straight boost with deployment of a reefed main at 2,101' AGL apogee. The JL Chute Release un-reefed the main at 600' for a perfect flight and recovery. My second flight with the JL Chute Release with a Binder Design Dragonfly on a H97 Black Jack. This rocket has flown nicely on this motor in the past. Unfortunately this time it weather cocked quite a bit which really reduced the altitude (only 1,100' AGL). This had the secondary effect of making the ejection delay too long for the flight with deployment only slightly above the 500' altitude that the JL Chute Release was set for. It all ended up fine but made for a few tense seconds. In hind sight (we seem to use a lot of that in rocketry) I should have used a faster burning motor for the wind conditions to get the rocket off the rail at a higher velocity. Our next SPARC launch is scheduled for Friday, June 2nd with the Midway Elementary School Kids followed by a full SPARC launch on Saturday, June 3rd. Don't forget that FITS will be over the Memorial Day weekend in Mansfield. Thank you to everyone that came out enjoyed the day of flying. Alan

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May launch concluded

May 13, 2017

Our May launch is now 'in the books'. We had unexpectedly nice weather compared to the forecast. A relatively large turnout as well. Next launch is Saturday June 3'rd with Marty Weiser as your launch director. President Bob

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May launch date defined

May 1, 2017

Our next launch is now less than 2 weeks away. Alan Roberts will be your Launch Director for Saturday May 13'th. Set-up begins at 0900. We typically have the range set up and ready for launching by 1000. Range will remain open as long as interest dictates (typically mid to late afternoon). Daily status updates will begin at T-1 week. President bob

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