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Joe Cooney Launch report

June 5, 2016

Man it is getting harder and harder to stay on top of the flying pyramid. Hard to keep up with those youngsters. We had twenty flyers put up 77 Total flights with a combined 3489ns, although there was some confusion to the rocket that would not fly. Had two cards posted, but I know it took him 6 tries to get it in the air, so I threw one of those cards out. Other than that, field conditions are drying out for the summer, skies were blue winds were light from the North East to start, but shifted to the west. This called for angling the launch rods away from the flightline. We really need to stay on top of that in the future. Mark Howe dropped his Chad Stage on the roof of my van and David's pencil, just missed the vehicle a few down form me. I have attached an excel spreadsheet with today's flight cards and motors listed. Here is a recap: Most Flights - Noah Smith and Joe Cooney 10 each Ben Duchow 9 Patrick Purviance 8 David Glass 7 87 Motors Smallest 1/4A3 - Joe Cooney Largest J350 - Marty Weiser Largest This Weekend K550 - Joe Cooney Most Impulsive - Marty Weiser 700ns David Glass 615ns Spenser Scott 351ns Least Impulsive Alex Bragg 1ea B6-4! There were a Two Cluster Flights and Several Two Stage Flights and Two Chad Staged Flights See you all come October, Next Launch Saturday October 29th. Special Guest will be Jack O'Cooney on a J350. There will be another surprise visitor so mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone. Joe

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Mark Howe launch report

June 4, 2016

Great report Dave...hilarious! In fact, I think moving forward ALL of your launch reports should be in this format. I put up 5 flights: Tube finned rocket on a B6-2. Helio-Copter on a B6-2 (Nose pointed up towards the sky as it heli'd back to the ground). A D12-0, D12-5 CHAD staged "Mean Mac" (shortened Estes Mean Machine). A D12-5*2 cluster in a stretched Estes 36 D-Squared, which has been renamed 44DD. A LOC Beta Test Plane / Starfighter on a F50-6...which was my longest recovery of the day. Weather wise it was a bit hot with no clouds and the wind kept changing direction all day long, but never really gusting. Fairly good turnout with some new (to me anyway) faces. Joe did an excellent job as LD, as usual. Kind regards, Mark

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Dave Glass launch report

It was the 4th of June, another sunny dusty Deer Park day..... I was busy loading motors and Bob's rocket landed far away..... And when the pads were full we walked back to our cars to find a place to sit, and then the LCO said "Watch 'em 'cause you know they tend to drift a bit." I said "Alan, could you go and try to find my missing rocket, please? I'm getting old and can't do much no more because of these arthritic knees. I know you're tired and you're sunburned and your mouth is getting very dry, But I've got lots of brand-new motors and I'd really like to see them fly." And when the day was done we all packed up and thought the launch was pretty keen, and started thinking of a project we could finish up by Halloween....... Sorry. Must have been the heat. I won't quit my day job...... ; - )

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June Launch concluded

It was SUNNY, CLEAR, and HOT. Great for rockets. Bit of a challenge for rocketeers. We are now done until after fire season. Next launch is scheduled for Saturday, October 29'th. Joe Cooney will once again be your launch director. President bob.

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