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May launch date defined

April 25, 2016

Marty Weiser has volunteered to be your Launch Director for a launch Saturday May 7'th. This is in addition to the June 4'th launch. President bob

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June launch date defined

April 21, 2016

Joe Cooney has volunteered to be your launch director for Saturday June 4'th. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer. president bob

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Dave Glass launch report

April 19, 2016

Let me add my thanks to David Powers for "making it so". It was a beautiful day and a perfect one for me personally with my half-dozen flights. I would especially like to thank Alan Roberts and Mark Howe for making it possible for me to attend and participate. Rocketeers are a pretty good bunch o' people!

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David Powers launch report

"First thank you to the RSOs and the LCOs for taking the bulk of the work yesterday. The weather for yesterday's launch was just about perfect. As far as I know no one lost a rocket (unless Joe's mini Quirk "Launch to Lose" did infact get lost) or had a long walk or a long hunt to find a rocket. First launch of the day was by Joe Cooney on a A8-3 and the last launch of the day was by Broken Glassman; a perfect flight on a G80-7. There were 20 fliers who put up 78 launches; including one Successful HP Certification launch. Congratulations to Ben Moore (I thought there where two successful certification launches, but I only have one launch card showing a successful HP1 cert launch). Colton Hoagburg did his first ever launch followed by several more launches. Joe Cooney exceeded his goal of 20 launches and put up 27. Among his launches was a 1949 Estes Viking on an A8-3 Motor break down is as follows: A 15 B 11 C 14 D 8 E 18 F 7 G 4 H 9 I 2 AT-680 1 One a cautionary note: be wary of the new Aerotech pre-installed delays. My Pike launch, on a I357-14A, discharged at 2.8 seconds into the launch at 1121 kph...to not so great results for the body tube. Thank you to everyone who came and we hope you had a good time."

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April launch concluded

We had a great day of rockets last Saturday. It appears that the web site is having issues so there are some old(er) posts missing. They will hopefully be recovered and re-posted in the near future. Stay tuned for launch reports. president bob

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T minus 6 days to launch

April 10, 2016

David Powers (launch director) drove out to the launch site yesterday and reports: Visited the launch site this morning...too bad we didn't schedule for today. At 10:00 am 60 degrees, not a puff of wind and totally clear skies. Field is low and sparse stubble. The East field will be planted by next weekend (so we should set up on the West field). We may need a way to clear stubble from the Mid and High Power launch stands. My phone weather report says rain on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and partly cloudy on Saturday. Hope it doesn't move back a day. Right now the 16th launch is a go, stay tuned. Check back in for daily status updates. President bob

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