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June Launch dates

May 25, 2015

We have 2 launch dates defined for June. First will be in support of Midway Elementary 5'th graders. Primary date is Friday June 5'th with Monday the 8'th serving as a back-up date in case of inclement weather. The public is welcome to attend and help cheer the kids on as they experience rocketry for the first time. Our next regular launch will be Saturday June 6'th with Rob Emanuele as your Launch Director.

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Dave Glass launch report

May 10, 2015

Well, as seems to be the case lately, I was only able to launch half the rockets I brought. And rather than give a rundown of motors and performance, I'll just say this: there were enough of those perfect and beautiful flights that make up for all the CATO's, tree-hangs, five-mile walks, and core samples. It was a good day to fly.

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May launch concluded

May 9, 2015

Great day of launching today. Weather was awesome though the field was dusty. Plenty of sun. Next launch is Saturday June 6'th. president bob

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