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Marty Weiser launch report

April 5, 2015

After taking care of my official duties I got on with my flights and helping some of the students that came out from EWU.
My first two flights were on my EEGG Lofter – my experiment to see if it was possible to do TARC (Team America Rocket Challenge) on a 24 mm motor. The rocket had a long boattail from the BT-70 main body down to the 24 mm motor tube. I used fiberglass to make the hollow nose cone, but everything else was cardboard and thin plywood. The first flight on a D12-5 had significant weather cocking and reached 357 ft. and a total flight time of 28.1s. The second flight was on an E9-4 with minimal weather cocking to 892 ft. and 76s. Since the typical TARC target is 800 – 850 ft. and 40 – 50 seconds I decided the mission was accomplished so I ate the hardboiled egg for my late morning snack. If I was competing, I would use a smaller chute and shorter chute tube and a longer egg & altimeter bay so I could better protect the egg (it was easy to peel after the 2 flights). One of the 2 flights earned the closest to the pad award – it landed less than 2 feet from the rod it launched from and wrapped its chute around the next rod over. I then got on to prepping KISS’DD for a 2 stage flight on a J460 to an H73. The sim was about 3500 ft which felt good for the SPARC site on a breezy day. It took a couple of hours of on-site prep to go with the 2-3 hours at home. With help from Alan Roberts and Jesse Hutson we got it on the pad around 2 pm. Boost was good, but a bit faster off the rail would be nice. Staging was just as planned – a small separation charge at burnout + 0.1s and 2nd stage ignition at burnout + 1s. The booster arced over and the drogue charge separated the airframe as designed followed by main deployment out of the break at 700 ft. Peak altitude for the booster was just under 1000 ft. The sustainer arced over and deployed the main at apogee – not as designed, but exactly the way I had wired it – main at apogee and drogue at 700 ft. Peak altitude was 1800 ft. Jesse recovered the booster about ¼ mile NE of the pads and I recovered the sustainer at a little over ½ mile in the far corner of the field. Thanks to Britny Krabbenhoft for the ride back to the launch site. It looks like I built KISS’DD a fair bit heavier than the sim so I need to get the correct weights in to get better sims. I am looking forward to the WAC Research Launch at Mansfield in 3 weeks and a SPARC launch in early May before going out to FITS over Memorial Day weekend in Mansfield. Marty

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