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David Powers launch report

April 21, 2015

First, thank you to Marty for a great launch. Second, thank you to Bob for bring his tower and helping me set it up properly so I could launch my Pike. It was an interesting launch for me, only three launches. Two good ones and a long walk.
I loaded my Pike with an I357T-M for the first launch. It was a picture perfect straight up launch with the fins whistling all the way up, and the discharge at apogee…and recovery in the field and not in the cow pond. I now have a good stripes on the Pike if I want to add launch buttons. The wind picked up some so I reduced the thrust to an I245G-M to reduce the altitude some. I should have reduced the size of the chute too. The launch was not as straight up as the first launch, but OK. However, after the discharge the wind kept the Pike floating and floating and floating…2 hours and a 2 1/2 mile walk later I got the Pike back. I had loaded an 29mm-180 with an I165R-M for my DX3 before launching the Pike the Second time. It took so long to get my Pike back from the second launch that the launch was ending when I got back. I didn’t want to leave the motor loaded since I wasn’t sure when I’d get to a launch again. So, thank you everyone for leaving a launch stand for me to launch the DX3. It was a perfect launch. Thank you Bob for helping me spot it on the way down, and Joe for getting the wind to stop…I didn’t even have a long walk to get it back. Here is hoping I can make it to the May 9th launch. David

Posted by bobble at April 21, 2015 8:14 AM


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