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Dave Glass launch report

April 5, 2015

Well, I'm sure OSHA wouldn't approve my ladder--two rungs missing, one broken......
I started out with "Cozmo" on an A8-3----a barely-there flight, but it was OK. Same vehicle with a B6-4 and a C6-5; much better results. On to "Chopper" (so named because I chopped it off the top of my "GAPA") with a D12-5. I had a kit-bash bird for the E, but the glued-on plastic lug broke off as I was putting it on the rod. I had to jerry-rig "Finley" (the bottom half of the "GAPA") to take the E15-4; the huge fins (hence its name) made it weathercock, but a great flight nonetheless and I only had to walk 30 feet to recover. Turned out the jerry-rig wasn't so hot; it spit the motor but thankfully the chute spit out also. F duty was accomplished by "Ancient Chinese Secret", a bamboo-constructed bottle-rocket on an F30-4 FastJack. Launched from a 4' length of PVC (thanks, Bob!), it performed way better than I'd hoped. Recovery was nominal despite ripping a couple suspension lines on the chute. G was also problematic as I seemed to be missing the only parachute that would work with the designated rocket. I switched to an F alternate, put it on the pad with the G75-M, and had second thoughts about the delay. I pulled it off, yanked the motor apart, and shaved off a couple seconds. Good boost, good timing, but a wimpy shock cord resulted in a separation. I managed to have a simultaneous lawn dart AND core sample. Next up was "Rio Vista Water Tower" with an H128, but the wind was pretty steady and I felt that optimal conditions were necessary. Plus it was getting late, so the Nike Zeus on an I161 was tabled also. Altho several new rockets didn't get their day in the sky, I had a fairly good session in the field. Thanks again Marty for making it happen!

Posted by bobble at April 5, 2015 11:08 AM


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