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David Powers launch report

November 2, 2014

I got to the Launch site in the rain at about 9:00am to find everyone under Joe’s cover. Started with my dog toy squeakers rocket, No Noise (because it does not whistle) on a C11-7 to test the ceiling.
I followed that with my EST-11 also on a C11-7. Decided to setup a high power rail despite the rain. After waiting a while for the rain to settle down my LOC IV was launched on an H170 sparky for a good flight and a fair amount of hunting for it since it drifted into the trees to the Southeast. Thanks Alan, Greg and Bob for finding it 100’ up in a tree, though if they had been better friends they would have found it in the pasture behind the trees. The LOC is still decorating the tree. Since both of the Sparky launches of the day ended up in trees, maybe someone is trying to tell us something. With my LOC IV and my 360 case planted in a tree I did not get to use my other Sparky motor or launch my Pike (would have been an I357T). Also, I decided not to plant any more of my motor casing in trees. So I finished up with a Gold Strike on a C6-7 for a wobbly flight, due to the rain soaking the top part of the gold foil loose from the body tube, I used up my final C11-7 in the main body of my CC Express. Greg and Jan Tenhold came to photograph launches. Thanks to Joe for providing them with a dry place to do that. They each got an outstanding photograph of my sparky launch. They also got Joe’s four motor rocket as it was leaving the launch rod. Joe was right only two of the motors lit. A big thank you to everyone, I has a great time (well, maybe a little less, with my LOC hanging in a tree) despite the rain. I like Joe's idea of a BYOR launch in January or February, and am looking forward to seeing what Dave comes up with next year…the coke bottle was ausgezeichnet! I am off to start building my Sea Wolf. See you all next year. David Powers

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