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Mark Howe Launch Report

June 8, 2014

I arrived at the launch site late and left early due to prior commitments. Managed to attempt 5 flights, none of them were “optimal” in my opinion.
• Edmonds ECEE on a 13mm A3-4T. Nice boost but the glider was a bit nose heavy, so the glide pattern wasn’t what I was looking for. The crowd seemed to enjoy it though... • Estes SkyWinder (Helicopter recovery) on an 18mm C6-3. Unfortunately the tapered plastic motor retention ring on the model was pushed outward slightly by the spent motor casing I was using an a standoff, and the rocket never budged on the rod/pad. The blades for the helicopter recovery deployed perfectly when the ejection charge blew, and they unfolded nicely...on the pad. • Design-2 (my second scratch built rocket) on a C6-5. It is a long and slim rocket, 48” tall with a 24mm base transitioning to 18mm ~18” up the fuselage. It’s taken quite a beating thru the years and actually bowed slightly during boost. • Estes SkyWinder attempt #2, also on a C6-3. After replacing the 18mm spent motor standoff with a 24mm casing the SkyWinder left the pad. However only two of the three helicopter blades deployed properly after the ejection charge blew. The model did helicopter back to the ground, but not in the way it was designed to...it looked very ugly. • Last up was an Edmonds Ci-Ci glider on an A8-3. A gust of wind picked up just before it was launched which resulted in the Ci-Ci arcing and making a large loop. The bottom of the loop was about 4’ off the ground, and it settled in for a rather short but nice glide. I packed up and left, a bit disappointed. I’ll let others fill in the blanks as to what happened while I was not present. Thanks to Lou and Gene for stepping up and arranging this launch, which will most likely be the last club launch (other than the Midawy school launch), until the fire season danger is over in the fall. Condolences to Gene who was not able to attend due to his father’s passing. Regards, Mark

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