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June 12, 2014

The Club Flier contains contact information and directions to our launch site. You can download it here: Download file

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Launch Director (LD) Checklist

June 10, 2014

A launch can't take place unless a club member steps up to be a Launch Director (LD). Not a glamorous job by any means, but it is THE most important one. Any adult can be an LD, we've even created a nifty checklist to help you keep track of the associated tasks with suggested time frames for each item. Download file

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RSO Checklist

A few of our club members who have been certified to fly High Power thru the NAR or TRA perform the duties of a Range Safety Officer (RSO). The checklist in this document contains some of the items that the RSO should cover with the rockets owner before a flight is attempted. All rockets flying "G" or larger motors are required to have an RSO sign their flight card prior to being launch. Safety first! Download file

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Over 18? Want to be an LCO?

This document describes how to operate the clubs Ground Support Equipment (GSE). It's easy to become a Launch Control Officer (LCO), and it's loads of fun 'cause you get to flip the switches and push the BIG RED LAUNCH BUTTON! Mentors are available to help you become familiar with our range operations. In fact it's easier if two people are working together as a team to perform this function. Download file

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High Altitude (>5K) Criteria

This document depicts the clubs criteria that has to be met in order for a flight of over 5,000' to be attempted. Download file

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Pre-Launch Fliers Meeting Comments

This document contains a brief review of the items that should be covered during the fliers meeting. Download file

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David Powers launch report

June 8, 2014

Weather was great. Got there early, left late, had a good time...and only did 4 launches. My first launch was my dog toy squeakers rocket on an E9-6 (it did not squeak...or if it did the motor was louder)...back to the drawing board. Planted it in a tree, big thank you to Joe for getting it out of the tree for me. Did two launches with my new Leviathan, both on G64-7W. Delay was a little short, discharge was 59' early on the first launch and 86' early on the second launch. Preped my EST-11 with a D12-5 for some kids to launch, but they left while I was spending an hour hunting for my dog squeaker rocket. So I launched the EST-11 also. Sorry Bob, hope it turns up, you have until October to find it. Thanks to the LDs for thinking of doing the launch, and actually doing it. Brothers next. David

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Dave Glass launch report

Another beautiful day for flying (damn we've been lucky!)----- I started off with 'Freddy the Freeloader', my boosted dart, on an I357. Several people have told me how much they enjoy watching it fly, but man---what a friggin' hassle to prep! Guess that's par for the course with electronics and I'm just lazy. And yeah, it puts a grin on my mug too when I see it go :-).......I also get a kick out of watching my Goddard Hoopskirt (as I've said before, I love seeing wierd stuff in the air)---nominal flight on what seems to be the perfect motor, an F23 FJ. I was pleased to have a good boost with Third Time is Charming on a 1988 F30-5 (guess Marty beat me for oldest motor!). It was the last of the Aerotech "yard sale" motors I picked up at Balls--- I should have scooped up some more........Decent flights of the 2-Stick Repulsor (half-scale 30's German Rocket Society bird) on a C6-3 and Sharkey Sez on a chad D12-0 to D12-5. Had hoped to fly the new Rio Vista Water Tower but I cancelled due to stability concerns. I did have the distinction of being the only person to land in the south field (altho Lou did land on the road). Speaking of Lou, thanks for making this all happen!

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Marty Weiser launch report

I got in one flight! The test flight of the upper stage of my Waiver Bait Challenge rocket at NXRS at the end of the month in Brothers, OR. This is a 54 mm, min diameter that I chocked down and flew on a H112J. It weather cocked a fair bit and only reached 1290 ft. The apogee charges were insufficient (they worked well in a previous version) so the main deployment at 700 ft. saved the rocket with a minor zipper. Since this is dual deploy from the nose cone it is the main charge pushing the chute out that is my major concern. I had better get it figured out since the challenge involves flying to between 33 and 38 kft! I also had two of my students and a couple of friends come out for the launch. Jesse Huston obtained his TRA L1 on his scratch built Hell Fire using an H73J motor. He narrowly missed his L1 cert on an I366 at FITS 2 weeks ago when a burr on the eyehook in the nose cone abraded the Kevlar cord so it separated just before landing. Then he and Spencer Scott decided to drag race their very similar L1 cert rockets on an I161 and a 1997 vintage I154 that I had lying around – sims are over 4000 ft. The I154 failed to light the first 2 times so Jesse won. However, Spencer got in a good flight on their 3rd try based upon the text I received. I now have 4 students who are TRA L1 certified and enthusiastic about both rocketry in general and the propellant characterization study in general. I think the ability to fly some of the propellant we are making will push them to TRA L2. I also heard the friends enjoyed flying the models, but are interested in flying something larger as well. Marty

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Mark Howe Launch Report

I arrived at the launch site late and left early due to prior commitments. Managed to attempt 5 flights, none of them were “optimal” in my opinion. • Edmonds ECEE on a 13mm A3-4T. Nice boost but the glider was a bit nose heavy, so the glide pattern wasn’t what I was looking for. The crowd seemed to enjoy it though... • Estes SkyWinder (Helicopter recovery) on an 18mm C6-3. Unfortunately the tapered plastic motor retention ring on the model was pushed outward slightly by the spent motor casing I was using an a standoff, and the rocket never budged on the rod/pad. The blades for the helicopter recovery deployed perfectly when the ejection charge blew, and they unfolded nicely...on the pad. • Design-2 (my second scratch built rocket) on a C6-5. It is a long and slim rocket, 48” tall with a 24mm base transitioning to 18mm ~18” up the fuselage. It’s taken quite a beating thru the years and actually bowed slightly during boost. • Estes SkyWinder attempt #2, also on a C6-3. After replacing the 18mm spent motor standoff with a 24mm casing the SkyWinder left the pad. However only two of the three helicopter blades deployed properly after the ejection charge blew. The model did helicopter back to the ground, but not in the way it was designed to...it looked very ugly. • Last up was an Edmonds Ci-Ci glider on an A8-3. A gust of wind picked up just before it was launched which resulted in the Ci-Ci arcing and making a large loop. The bottom of the loop was about 4’ off the ground, and it settled in for a rather short but nice glide. I packed up and left, a bit disappointed. I’ll let others fill in the blanks as to what happened while I was not present. Thanks to Lou and Gene for stepping up and arranging this launch, which will most likely be the last club launch (other than the Midawy school launch), until the fire season danger is over in the fall. Condolences to Gene who was not able to attend due to his father’s passing. Regards, Mark

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June launch Concluded

June 7, 2014

As expected the weather was awesome. I believe I heard that we had 65 flights. I know for sure that one rocket was lost.........mine :-( Stay tuned for launch reports. Next scheduled launch is Saturday November 1'st with Joe Cooney pulling launch director duty. president bob

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