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Joe Cooney Launch report

April 15, 2014

April's Launch is in the Book and hopefully a preview to the coming flying season. As reported Weather was excellent and flying was furious.
I worked all night removing cars from the local Spokane City roads and as such didn't arrive until after setup was complete. Due to the size of the crowd already on hand I was relegated to park in the BACK row (so sad and lonely). The three hours I spent sleeping though from 5 to 8 in the morning made the difference in the day. Although tired I did manage to put up 15 flights from small 1/2A's to a G76. I also performed LCO duties for several racks, it was the least I could do since I missed the cleaning and setting up. I launched a couple of Two Staged Rockets, the first was a modified Estes Renegade (I added two motors to the booster), the flight characteristics make me believe I need to straighten up the Pod Motor Tubes a bit. The second was my BT-80 Rip Roar Rocket (It still has problems), last year it was a land shark, this year it was a lawn dart. So far I am 0 for 3 on flights with that rocket. Planted a few rockets into the dirt, one was caused by the delay grain failing to burn on an A8-5 (Report filed with NAR). Since we had several problems with the low power pads most of the day, I took the leads home and replaced all the clips on them. Cut back the wire about 1/2" to get rid of the corroded ends. I will either bring them with me or arrange to drop them off with Bob prior to the next launch. I am so looking forward to May's launch, but would like to thank Marty for putting April's Launch together. Here is a quick break down of the highlights that went on, check out the excel spread sheet for more info. First Flight of the Day -- Derek Burke Last Flight of the Day -- Jared Nelson Most Flights -- Joe Cooney 15 Alex Honeycutt 9 Most Flights as a Family -- The Nelson's 19 (Ken, Dylan, Wyatt & Jared) Smallest Motor -- 1/2A3 Joe Cooney Largest Motor -- J330 Robert Emanuele Most Impulse -- 1192 Robert Emanuele (2 Flights) 965 Joel Phillips (7 Flights) Total Impulse for the Day -- 6773 ns Level 1 Successful Flight -- Bryce Smoldon on an I161. Happy Birthday and Welcome to High Power, High Dollar Flying.

Posted by bobble at April 15, 2014 7:35 AM


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