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Alan Roberts launch report

April 15, 2014

Indeed it was a beautiful day with and fantastic turnout. It was great to see so much enthusiasm for the first launch of the year.
I only managed three launches non of which I would categorize as nominal. First off was my Mega Der Red Max on an H97 Blackjack. First try no joy . . . . replace igniter, second try no joy . . . . replace igniter, third try no joy . . . . change pad from D3 to D4 and change the lead from the box . . . IGNITION! This is a short stubby rocket without and airfoil on the large fins so standard delay grains need to be shortened. I used the handy Aerotech drill tool to shorten the delay from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. 6 seconds would have been correct but somehow it still went 10 seconds. The laundry came out in plenty of time with no damage but it's frustrating to have it all figured out correctly, do what is required and somehow still have the delay go 10 seconds. Oh well, move on. Flight #2 was my black and white ISIS on a G40 White Lightening. The fit between the body tube and the fin can was a bit tight so while I prepped the rocket the night before I decided that I needed to do a little sanding on the coupler to loosen the fit. Boost was great with the laundry coming out right on top. Stupid me, however, forgot to reattach the shock cord to the fin can when I took the time to work on the fit so the fin can came in ballistic and buried in the soft field. Damage to the rocket was modest and will be quickly repaired. Damage to my ego and confidence was huge and not so easily repaired! Flight #3 was a model sized Der Red Max on an E9-6. Great boost with the chute out on top however stupid me forgot to put the wadding in and so the chute melted together and never filled. The bird came in hard enough to break a fin off but other than that was fine. Damage to my ego and confidence went but by a factor of 4. Ugh . . . need to slow down and go back to a disciplined use of a checklist. Alan

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