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Alan Roberts launch report

April 15, 2014

Indeed it was a beautiful day with and fantastic turnout. It was great to see so much enthusiasm for the first launch of the year. I only managed three launches non of which I would categorize as nominal. First off was my Mega Der Red Max on an H97 Blackjack. First try no joy . . . . replace igniter, second try no joy . . . . replace igniter, third try no joy . . . . change pad from D3 to D4 and change the lead from the box . . . IGNITION! This is a short stubby rocket without and airfoil on the large fins so standard delay grains need to be shortened. I used the handy Aerotech drill tool to shorten the delay from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. 6 seconds would have been correct but somehow it still went 10 seconds. The laundry came out in plenty of time with no damage but it's frustrating to have it all figured out correctly, do what is required and somehow still have the delay go 10 seconds. Oh well, move on. Flight #2 was my black and white ISIS on a G40 White Lightening. The fit between the body tube and the fin can was a bit tight so while I prepped the rocket the night before I decided that I needed to do a little sanding on the coupler to loosen the fit. Boost was great with the laundry coming out right on top. Stupid me, however, forgot to reattach the shock cord to the fin can when I took the time to work on the fit so the fin can came in ballistic and buried in the soft field. Damage to the rocket was modest and will be quickly repaired. Damage to my ego and confidence was huge and not so easily repaired! Flight #3 was a model sized Der Red Max on an E9-6. Great boost with the chute out on top however stupid me forgot to put the wadding in and so the chute melted together and never filled. The bird came in hard enough to break a fin off but other than that was fine. Damage to my ego and confidence went but by a factor of 4. Ugh . . . need to slow down and go back to a disciplined use of a checklist. Alan

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Joe Cooney Launch report

April's Launch is in the Book and hopefully a preview to the coming flying season. As reported Weather was excellent and flying was furious. I worked all night removing cars from the local Spokane City roads and as such didn't arrive until after setup was complete. Due to the size of the crowd already on hand I was relegated to park in the BACK row (so sad and lonely). The three hours I spent sleeping though from 5 to 8 in the morning made the difference in the day. Although tired I did manage to put up 15 flights from small 1/2A's to a G76. I also performed LCO duties for several racks, it was the least I could do since I missed the cleaning and setting up. I launched a couple of Two Staged Rockets, the first was a modified Estes Renegade (I added two motors to the booster), the flight characteristics make me believe I need to straighten up the Pod Motor Tubes a bit. The second was my BT-80 Rip Roar Rocket (It still has problems), last year it was a land shark, this year it was a lawn dart. So far I am 0 for 3 on flights with that rocket. Planted a few rockets into the dirt, one was caused by the delay grain failing to burn on an A8-5 (Report filed with NAR). Since we had several problems with the low power pads most of the day, I took the leads home and replaced all the clips on them. Cut back the wire about 1/2" to get rid of the corroded ends. I will either bring them with me or arrange to drop them off with Bob prior to the next launch. I am so looking forward to May's launch, but would like to thank Marty for putting April's Launch together. Here is a quick break down of the highlights that went on, check out the excel spread sheet for more info. First Flight of the Day -- Derek Burke Last Flight of the Day -- Jared Nelson Most Flights -- Joe Cooney 15 Alex Honeycutt 9 Most Flights as a Family -- The Nelson's 19 (Ken, Dylan, Wyatt & Jared) Smallest Motor -- 1/2A3 Joe Cooney Largest Motor -- J330 Robert Emanuele Most Impulse -- 1192 Robert Emanuele (2 Flights) 965 Joel Phillips (7 Flights) Total Impulse for the Day -- 6773 ns Level 1 Successful Flight -- Bryce Smoldon on an I161. Happy Birthday and Welcome to High Power, High Dollar Flying.

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Mark Howe launch report

April 14, 2014

What a great day for flying! Like Bob, I’m worn out from the days activities. Not only was the weather the best ever for an April launch (as Marty stated previously), but the # of people who attended was phenomenal for our first launch of the year. . I guess there was a lot of pent up energy from what seemed like a long Winter. I arrived on site a tad late to find most of the range already set-up, and stayed throughout the day and assisted with the tear down at ~4PM. I personally put up 8 flights, starting with a chad staged (D12-0 to D12-5 combo) in an old Estes Broadsword, and ended with a small C6-5 in a Fire Flash. One of my rockets, the “Moondog”, came in ballistic but it was lightweight and only using a 13mm A10-3T motor so the propensity for damage was minimal. The soft early Spring ground was a welcome site for the number of rockets that unfortunately lawn-darted into the surface. We had a few unstable sky-writers and two pad fires. One fire was caused by a “fire-storm / sparky” motor at the hi-power pads, and another very small fire on a mid-power pad due to an igniter that was spit from the rocket and ignited the ground below it. The fires crews were right on top of things and both incidents were quickly brought under control. In the future we’ll need to make sure the area around the pads are cleared a bit better, and anyone flying a “sparky” type motor should inform the LD, RSO, or LCO for confirmation that it’s “good to go” for the current weather/ground conditions. There was a large quad-copter on site that was used to capture the video of a high-power flight and recovery. These are amazing devices and I hope the video ends up being posted on-line somewhere so we can all take a look. That being said, I believe we need to be careful about our airspace. I’m not sure if permission was requested and/or granted to allow the quad-copter to fly within the active range boundaries when the range was “closed”. As these unique craft become more popular we may need to develop some new club regulations governing their use. I’m not trying to be difficult here...I enjoy quad-copters immensely and personally own 6 of various sizes. Lots of people had great flights and I’m looking forward to seeing the flight-card recap Joe Cooney is putting together. Joe stumbled upon a set of 4-point deer antlers while out searching for rockets, and has alluded that “Jack O’Cooney” our beloved Halloween mascot rocket might be sporting some new headgear at the November launch! Regards, Mark

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Marty Weiser launch report

It was a great day for flying rockets - the best April weather I can remember. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and made serving as the Launch Director easy. An absolutely huge THANKS to Dave Luders for mowing well over an acre of stubble for the launch site – it sure helps that he has the right mower for the job. I think we had over 30 cars at the peak and nearly 100 people. Joe Cooney volunteered to summarize the flight cards, but I am pretty sure there were well over 100 and that he had the most flights. Most of the flights were models with a fair number of mid and high power flights. I think Rob Emanuele flew the largest and possibly the highest flight on a J330. We had a single L1 certification – Bryce Smoldon from the Colville TARC program. Bryce flew a 4” Patriot on an I161 the day after his 18th birthday. I flew a several rockets including my 4.5” diameter mosquito on an I154. I had 4 of my students from EWU who will be working on propellant characterization and they flew several of my models and seemed to have a great time. A couple of them are looking to work their way into high power certification. Marty

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Dave Glass launch report

Well, my personal report starts with one word: RUSTY! I forgot to bring a rocket. I forgot to bring the GSE for another rocket. I forgot to charge my altimeter. Despite all that, I had a mostly great day if you discount the lawn dart on my first launch (not quite shovel recovery but I could have used a trowel---thanks Dave Luders for hand-digging out my nose cone!). After that I had several gratifying flights, including Something Fishy on an I218 left over from last year, and most thankfully a great boost for Crash Test Dummy from a Vulcan F40 Smokey Sam vintage 1988 that I picked up at BALLS. A few other F and D-to-D flights helped to restore my confidence after the first mishap. The weather was great, if a bit unpredictable given the constant shifting of the mostly light winds. I'm not complaining in the least, and whether it was Joe's mojo or Marty's donuts we really couldn't have asked for a nicer day! Thanks to all who showed up and made a fine start to the season.

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April Launch complete

April 13, 2014

SPARC's April launch has concluded. What a great day for ROCKETS!! Stay tuned for launch reports. president bob

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