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Mark Howe November Launch report

November 12, 2013

Well, after a couple of postponements SPARC finally held its' (presumably) last launch of the 2013 season. There's a rumor going around that we might have quickly scheduled "pick-up" launch sometime in December, but if it happens it will be a BYOG (Bring Your Own GSE) type event. I inadvertently slept in and arrived at the range later than planned...it was ~95% set-up by the time I parked my car. Attendance was low, with a total of 12 people: Joe C. Flier (1st place w/13 flights) Bob Y. Flier (flew once and LOST it!) Dave G. Flier (3rd place w/10 flights) Mark H. Flier (2nd place w/11 flights) Dave P. Flier Doug P. Flier Mark V. Flier Cindy V. Flier Lou B. Spectator Lou's son Spectator John ?. Spectator (Friend of Dave & Doug P.) Mike ?. Spectator (Heard about us from a friend) Due to the lack of "candy munchers" (kids), Jack-o-Cooney (our skeleton rocket with the pumpkin head) did not fly this year...Halloween had already passed anyway. Joe wants to make some mods to Jack so hopefully he'll be ready for next year. I arrived with my usual "box-o-rockets" but ended up flying only about a third of them. Here's the breakdown. #01 Mean Machine: CHAD staged with a D12-0 & D12-5 combo. Flew to 822' even though it arced over quite a bit. #02 ISQY Tomahawk: 1/2A3-4T. #03 Edmonds Ci-Ci 2-stage: C6-0 gap staged to B4-4. Both gliders flew beautifully. #04 36 DD: Cluster of two D12-5's Flew to 887' #05 Edmonds Ci-Ci 2-stage Thunder: D12-0 gap staged to a D12-3. Both gliders flew even better than their smaller brothers (see #3). #06 Klingon Battle Cruiser: C6-3. Broke a fin on landing...it always does! #07 X-Ray: A3-4T. Flew to 263'. #08 Bandit: B6-4. Flew to 272'. #09 Red Alert: 1/2A3-4T. #10 Sparrow: 1/2A3-2T. #11 Yellow Jacket: B6-4. Flew to 296'. Five of my eleven flights contained a "Jolly Logic" altimeter. This is a super little device for the price. It is small enough to fit in an 18mm body tube, and you charge it up using the USB port on your PC. There is no downloading of data necessary, the unit has an LCD display that records the following data: Apogee Top Speed Burn Time Peak Acceleration Average Acceleration Coast to Apogee time Apogee to Eject time Ejection Altitude Descent speed Total Flight Duration. That's a heck of a lot of data from a 5/8"x3/8"x2" package! The devices only drawbacks I can come up with are: It's a data acquisition device only, and cannot ignite charges. Operational time could be a little longer before having to recharge. As to the weather, it started out a bit cold with clear skies, got a little warmer, then cold once again as the cloud cover started to move in around 1:30. We broke down the range around 2:30 and everyone was back on the road by 3PM. Thanks to those who helped to track my dual gliders...I wouldn’t have found them without your assistance. To me, the most interesting flight of the day was Joe’s CHAD staged up-scaled Deuces Wild. The CHAD staged canted motors looked very cool and the flight was flawless. On the flip side, there were a couple of unstable “sky scribblers” and one CATO of a D12-0 motor at the last event of the year. Looking forward to next season!!! Mark

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Joe Cooney November launch report

November 10, 2013

It may have taken a few weekends to get this launch in the books, but the third time was the charm. Weather was terrible at my house in the morning, nothing but FOG. I was wondering if it would be that way up north. On the way to the launch site this morning the Fog cleared and the skies were BLUE! Sadly I was not the first person there, nor the second or third. The worst part was as I entered the field the Launch signs were already posted. Bob had beaten me to the launch, unheard of before today. Set up went well as we just pulled stuff from the trailer and walked it out to where it needed to go, Bob was busy weed whacking around the pads. In a short time the launch was looking like launch. In all we had 8 fliers and a handful of spectators. A small crowd but a great day of flying. It seemed as though many fliers were wearing out the racks quicker then I could. I was sure I wasn't in the top 3 of most flights today. Mark Howe flew 11 birds, followed closely by David Glass who managed 10 flights with several from the high power pads. Doug Powers who drove the farthest to get here managed 8 flights with his brother Dave putting up another 4. Mark Vanderlip put 5 rockets up and his wife Cynthia added another one. Bob flew one and lost one. Somehow I managed to stay atop the mountain again. I managed to quietly launch 13 rockets and recovered all of them. I might have cheated though. Towards the end of the day I put up two small rockets and a spool. Either way, thirteen rockets up and recovered. Only one of them didn't fly well (Bob, thanks for the motor). While Jack stayed on the ground, he will be back for next year, pencil me in for the 1 November 2014 launch date, my check is in the mail. Looking forward to next years flying. I guess I will have to finally pony up some membership dues this year. My goal is to have a winter launch once the snow starts flying. It will be strictly Class 1 rockets only, more to come. Joe

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