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Mark Howe June Launch Report

June 09, 2013

What a nice day for flying rockets, the temperature was perfect. The wind could have been more cooperative but all in all it was a great ending to our 2-day launch. We had two different groups of scouts join us in launching rockets, and a few students from Midway Elementary returned. Guess they just couldn’t get enough of the fun from the previous day’s launch. The shin to knee high grass ate a couple more rockets, but we did manage to retrieve a few others that were MIA from yesterday’s launch. I came with 37 rockets prepped to go and only ended up launching 2. Both were good flights but I did suffer a small zipper on my scratch built “Marvin the Martian” rocket due to a relatively high speed deployment of the parachute. With the wind being a bit unruly I decided to ground my glider fleet; the wind carried a number of rockets quite a distance away from the launch area. Changing out streamers for parachutes on some of the smaller model rockets would have been prudent, but as you will see below parachutes ruled the day comprising ~80% of the recovery systems used. The only major failure of the day was (I believe) a blown forward closure on an RMS casing, which resulted in a failed launch and a “flaming tube” in the wheat which was quickly brought under control. (Note to the clubs “Fire Response Team”, which is basically all of us...we should test all water pump type fire extinguishers prior to deploying them in the field). Kudos to those who assisted with LCO and/or range teardown duties, Bob Y, Marty W, Dave G, Joe C, A Roberts, G.Carson, and Ann Y. Forgive me if I missed anyone... Below are the statistics I compiled from the flight cards. 97 TOTAL FLIGHTS 8 Most flights by a single person, Joe Cooney. 7 2nd most flights by a single person, Dave Brizis. 10 Most flights by a family, Nelson’s. 48 Number of “Self launches”. 0 Number of “Drag Races” . 2 Number of “Clustered Motor” flights. Ken Nelson’s “Titan-4” on a central D12-5 with two side pods each containing a C6-0. Mark Howe’s “Saturn V” on a pair of D12-3’s. 1 Number of “Staged Motor” flights J. Nelson’s rocket with a C6-0 in the booster and a C6-5 in the sustainer. RECOVERY FLIGHT STATS: 77 Parachutes 10 Streamers 6 Tumble/NoseBlow/Gravity 2 Gliders 2 “Mixed” (Parachute+Tumble, Parachute+Streamers) MOTOR STATS: QTY MOTOR CLASSIFICATION 15 A 40 B (motor of choice was the B6-4, which accounted for 36 motors) 23 C 6 D 6 E 5 F 2 G 1 H 1 I 1 J MOTOR DIAMETERS: QTY DIAMETER 5 13mm 72 18mm 13 24mm 10 29mm & 38mm MOTOR IMPULSE LEADERS: 1st Place Alan Roberts 2nd Place Dave Glass 3rd Place Ken Nelson 4th Place Joe Cooney See you at the October launch, unless we manage to squeeze in a launch in September (weather / fire danger dependent). Regards, Mark

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June Launch complete

June 08, 2013

Our June launch is now history. Two different cub scout packs (#340 & 3226) helped keep the range hopping. Weather was great. The knee high wheat made for some interesting search efforts. Thanks to Mark Howe for Launch Director duties. Midway Elementary 5'th graders got in 89 flights on Friday. A total of 18 rockets were lost. 11 of these were recovered on Saturday and will be returned to Midway early next week. This concludes our early flying season as we will now stand down until after fire danger is past. president bob

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