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Marty Weiser May Launch Report

May 13, 2013

It was great to get out and see everyone even if I only flew once. I spent all morning prepping for a ground test of dual deployment of one end of the tube in my 4” KISS’DD which is a bit trickier.
. My 50 grn drogue charge was plenty good – I may try 40 with a 50 backup in the future. However, the 50 grn to push out the main in its burrito wrap was not enough. Spent another hour watching others fly and prepping a 100 grn charge which sent the burrito to the end of its 30’ recovery harness. Another hour or so prepping for the flight on the J570. Great boost and we saw the drogue event and backup a little over 1s later up on top. Main at 700 ft. and I still had to go about ½ mile SE of the launch site. It was in Norman’s planted field and the closest route was from the far side of the field so it was a longer than desired recovery. I had about a 3.5” zipper, but otherwise everything was great. It was a new PrefectFlite SL100 altimeter so I wondered if I had a delay set after apogee by mistake. Downloaded the data and everything was as expected – drogue at 15.75s and the backup at 17.1s as I had set the timer. It even looks like the rocket caught a slight thermal from 30 – 38s. Therefore, the rocket must have arced over a bit so it was still moving fairly fast when the drogue deployed. The zippered section has been replaced and will get two layers of fiberglass to make it less likely to zipper in the future. I also repaired the club rake and will bring it to the next launch – amazing how a little rocket building epoxy can be used for other purposes. Marty

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