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Joe Cooney May Launch report

May 12, 2013

What a great day for a launch. I got out there just after 0800 hrs and found the Dog Pound already in place. Jim and I proceeded to put a couple of rockets in the air right off the bat. I managed three flights before Bob showed up with the trailer. There was some confusuion on where everything would be located, so the early parking was hap hazard in the morning. Finally Bob and Alan showed up with the master plan on how the field would be laid out. A few minutes later the flightline was established by moving every vehicle to a better location and then set up began. I made some quick improvements to the Model Pads and a short time later we were ready to fly.
I started out with the Orange tango Jam on a G38-4, love the slow flights on the fat rockets. All in all I managed to get in 20 flights for the day, I even managed to get my second Dual Deployment flight under my belt (thanks to Jim for the e-matches and Bob for constructing a tool, I left at home). Blues for Allah, my 29mm LOC Starburst flew nicely on the new G138-14 Blue Thunder hobby line motor. Drogue on top and the main at 700 feet made for an easy recovery. Next month I will put it up on an H and then fly my LOC Hi-Tech the following day on an "I". Highlight of my day was little Joshua, the son of Jim's neighbor. He carried my Aerotech Sumo, "Orange Tango Jam" out to the high power pads. The rocket was just a few inches shorter than he was. Later I gave him an Estes Quark, which he flew twice. First flight was on a 1/4A3-3T motor, they are easy to lose sight of with a 1/4A motor and for his second flight Jim gave him a A3-4. Which is a snap your head back, did anybody see that kind of flight on a rocket small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. No bueno, poor old "Lil Blue" was gone. After searching for a while it was given up to the rocket gods for safe keeping. Before he left little Joshua came over and asked me if I had another small rocket to give him. I told him I didn't and then he asked me if I had a big rocket for him. That I did as I always try to carry some loner rockets to give away. I gave him the choice of colors and after some deep thought he chose the one he liked. Shortly after his departure and during clean up I spotted old "Lil Blue" nose down in the ground out by the high power pads. I am sure Joshua has been reunited with his rocket and I hope to see him come out and fly it again and again. Spent Sunday morning back out at the field walking my dawg looking for Dave Powers lost "Dawg." Unfortunately I was unable to locate it. Looking forward to the Midway launch coming up and the Saturday launch to follow. Looks like we will have a few Cub Scouts out for the Saturday portion as they built rockets last October and were unable to fly them due to the weather being TOO good for TOO long.

Posted by bobble at May 12, 2013 01:35 PM


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