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Alan Roberts May Launch Report

May 13, 2013

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the "Mothers Day" Launch so much fun. I would list each person's contribution but don't for fear of forgetting someone so I will just say how fortunate we are to have so many people who chip in and do the things to make for a successful launch and club.
First some stats: • We had 18 different people fly rockets • We burned 79 motors • We had 73 flights • Estimated newton-seconds was 4,634 • Largest motor flown was a J (thank you Marty) Your Launch Director managed 3 flights. The first was my new Mega Der Red Maxx on an H97-J. I knew the delay grain was bit long but as we all witnessed that was a huge understatement as I seriously put to the test my comment that it was better to be long on the ejection charge than short. A combination of weather cocking (arched flight path) and what was probably more drag than I put into the simulation made for less altitude than planned and an ejection charge that deployed the main only about 100 feet off the deck. Surprisingly there was no damage. Adjustments will be made. My second flight was my trustworthy Hi Tech going up for its 12th flight this time on a G75 Metalstorm. The flight was perfectly straight with a nice spin and deployment right on top where it should be. Thanks to those who manned the shovel and fire extinguisher to put out the small (6" diameter) fire at the base of the launch rail. My third flight was my Excel on a H180 White Lightening. This rocket carries the name "Just A Level One" in honor of Mark Howe who commented when I was certifying on it, "what are you worried about, it's just a level one". The flight was straight and true with the main out right on top. The rocket has a really nice whistle once the sound of that White Lightening dies down. Thanks again to everyone for such a great launch and thanks to Dave for agreeing to not retire the Boosted Dart just yet. Man I love that rocket! Alan

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