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Joe Cooney April Launch Report

April 15, 2013

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and Flyers showed up. I did not get a count of the number of cars along the flightline, but there were quite a few. I got there at around 0830 and was joined by Gene Carson a short time later. I personally forgot most of the NEW E9 motors I purchased last week and all of my Parachutes for Model Rockets. So sad, not enough motors for Flying the "E" birds and not enough chutes for the Models. Somehow I managed to get 16 flights in the air (actual number was 15, because of the E9 CATO on Bad Bertha), so I must have had enough combinations to make it through the launch. While wondering were Bob was at around 0900hrs I noticed him driving down the road. we decided based on the half dozen or so us standing around that a minimal launch setup was sufficient. One model rack, two mid power racks (out at the "D" pads) and one high power tower. While completing setup we decided that the PA system was probably a good idea as more and more vehicles rolled. While the waiver was being called in I put up my Estes Der Red Max, named Rhythm Devils to get an idea of cloud deck. From there it was game on, we had a total of 16 fliers totaling 63 flights (62 left the rod), with 70 motors burned (1 CATO), 3160ns burned. There was plenty of excitement with a good mix of Model Flights and a few High Power flights mixed in. Some rockets were lost and few damaged, but all in all a GREAT day of flying with near perfect conditions most of the day. The sun broke through in the afternoon and it was partly cloudy when we packed it all up. I left the field just in front of Bob a short time after 3pm. Next launch coming soon to a Wheat Field near Bob! Welcome to our Dave Brizius, our newest member on his first launch. It was a great day to spend flying rockets and catching up with folks after a long winter break. I am trying to put a Facebook page together so be on the look out for that, if any of you hang out there.

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Alan Roberts April Launch Report

It certainly was a great day. The weather cooperated and only improved as the day went on. We had a great crowd with a good many flights despite the tepid interest when discussing the go/no go decision. We also had some fun and entertaining flights. My flight report is rather brief as I only put three birds in the air. Not knowing what the weather was going to be I did not show up with anything prepped for flight. My first flight was my Pro-Maxx on a G75 Metalstorm. The boost was nice and straight with lots of sparks. I really enjoy those sparky motors and so try and fly one or two of them at the first two launches before fire danger becomes a concern. Motor ejection was a second after apoggee with recovery to the west short of the trees. Many thanks to Bob Y and his binos who saw that the motor and 29/38 adapter was spit at ejection (still got the chute out) and was able to recover that portion for me. My second flight was a Der Red Max with full decals on an E9-6. I agreed to a drag race with Joe C without knowing that he was going to try and shoot down my Der Red Max. At least that's what it felt like when his E-9 CATO'd on boost right next to my rocket. The chute did not deploy correctly (cold??) but recovery was fine as chute acted like a streamer. My third flight was my ISIS on a G40 White Lightening. Great straight boost with motor eject right on top. Recovery was to the west again just short of the trees. I hope to have paint on some new rockets for the May launch and with enough confidence around the weather will prep some bigger motors. Many thanks to Mark Howe for all of the work that you did at the launch labeling our equipment and where it goes in the trailer. Mark was on a serious mission with that label maker! Great seeing all of you and I look forward to seeing everyone again on May 11th.

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Marty Weiser April launch report

April 14, 2013

I was very apprehensive about the weather, but it turned out great. I got in a total of 7 flights today. Started with a CiCi glider that did some nice loops and then settled into nice glide as they almost always do. Next up were 3 flights for a family and friend that had not brought their rockets due to a lack of motors. The youngest, Samantha flew Mosquito-D on a D12-7 to a simulated altitude of just under 1900 ft. Next up was the oldest, Travis, in a Fatboy in a C6-3. Finally, on the next rack, was Matthew with an Alpha clone on a C6-7. Seeing the kids eyes light up when I took the rockets over for them to select was probably the highlight of my day. I think they will be back. I flew Mama Raccoon on an I154J, but the chute hung up in the nose cone so she landed hard. Broke her neck and tail, but she heals well and will be back. Satori II flew on an H112J and drifted off the NW behind the trees. Thanks to Alan Roberts for walking out with me to find it in a clearing on the other side of the trees just before the creek. As it cleared I decided to fly Mosquito-D on an E9-8. Great flight up, but as is typical we lost sight on the way down. Bob walked out with me and we found it and the spit motor case from the previous flight 100 yards or so from the pads. The simulated altitude was nearly 3000 ft. for this 1.21" diameter, 6" tall rocket. I'll have to try an F21 to see if it can survive mach and 3700 ft. next month.

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April Launch complete

SPARC's April launch is complete and the weather was a most pleasant surprise. Morning was cool and cloudy but we still had the range open around 0930 and steady flights up to around 2000'. By noon or so, the clouds began breaking up and then the sun was out and everyone was shedding layers, prepping rockets and getting some 'recovery' exercise. I think we got in 60'ish flights, only one lost rocket, a couple H-I impulse flights and one very nice dual deploy flight. president bob

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