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Joe Cooney Veterans day launch report

November 12, 2012

Well the last Scheduled Launch of the season is in the books. It definitely took some determination to pull it off and slipping the launch date two weeks. While the weather was bearable with a cloud deck at around 4,000 feet, the winds were calm and the fire pit was warm. There were only a few bodies hanging around at 0900 when the trailer showed up. We milled around and waited to set up, finally deciding on one low pad, two mid power pads and two high power pads. Shortly after a quick flyers meeting the flying got started and continued all day until well after 3pm. Marty Weiser is the surprise frequent flyer recipient. Marty sent up 8 flights. That was followed closely by Mark Howe and myself with 7 flights each. All together we had 52 flights, including 3 certification flights. Congrats goes out to Alan Roberts who successfully flew “Just a Level 2” on a J350. Congrats to both Peter Holzman and David Powers successfully for successful Level 1 certification flights. Peter flew an Aerotech G-Force on an H97 and David flew a LOC IV on an H123. Welcome to High Power! Amazingly the High Power Pads got an end of season work out, we had 6 “H” motor flights, 2 “I’s” and 4 “J” motor flights. It pretty much seemed like everybody had a few motors to burn before winter. All in all I would have to say it was a successful end of season launch. Jack O’Cooney had a very exciting flight, with no deployment he fell back to earth with a resounding thud, breaking his hip and a few vertebrae. The other exciting display was the Comanche 3 drag race. I forgot mine at home, so I substituted my CC Express and also double chad staged my Centuri Thunder Roc. All in all there were 8 rockets with 20 motors that went skyward with one push of the button, although several rockets failed to come home though. See you all next year, the Halloween Launch will be November 2, 2013 (That's if the Mayan Apocalypse is a bust). Joe Cooney

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November Launch complete

November 11, 2012

Decent condituions. Good crowd. Nice fire. Great flights. That's it for 2012. See Ya next year. president bob

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