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Presidents October launch report

October 30, 2011

Woke to freezing fog, soon followed by sunshine and blue skies. A few dicey spots on the road if the sun hadn’t hit it yet. Other than cool temps, conditions were ideal. A great crowd showed up for SPARCS annual Halloween themed late October launch.
Joe Cooney was Launch director and brought his ‘brother’ Jack-O-Cooney along for flight #3 (this time with a recently transplanted A/V bay). Jack had a great flight, dumping his brains of candy at apogee and ‘sticking’ the landing albeit headless at that time. Dang B pads were dead all day but once we figured that out (it was a Halloween theme), the only problem was full racks on the A pads. We’ll have to fix that………later. Members of the Colville TARC team showed up. Looks like they are poised to make a run for TARC 2012. Someone masquerading as Marty Weiser (another Halloween theme ?) showed up prepped and ready, flew to over 6K’, recovered, and left….. I think it was Jeff Halstead ;-) Alan Roberts was showing off a really nice brush on paint job (something about signs and hairs from squirrels) that really did look great, but the rocket flew like @#$%^&! Thanks for the LD duty, along with Joe Cooney, Mark Howe, Marty Weiser, anyonelse?? Dave Glass flew what is my favorite rocket of his, the boosteDart. As with previous flights, this one was awesome though I’m confused why the booster ‘peeled off’ at separation. His unexpected “Dude, where’s my camera” flight ended with the camera still ‘someplace’. Ann (my wife) stopped by with our kids (3 dogs) and lunch, stayed for a few racks then headed back home (I love it when that happens). I managed to get 1 flight, a non minimum diameter 38X29mm rocket on an H-128 w/motor eject (at least I still used a tower). Good boost, good deployment, good recovery less than halfway to Wild Rose, ……burntoo many holes in the X-form chute……………...Chute. Our most wonderful landowner, Emerson Grafmiller stopped by and stayed for a couple hours, enjoying the activity. Mark Vanderlip got in a few flights along with continued search for his lawn dart from the June launch. I think David Wickman left his chair (now I’m stuck with it) and put up a big heavy purple rocket on a sparky push + a couple others. Rob Emanuele joined the “Oh Crap, that’s my main on top” club though recovered just fine. He also had a weird CTI CATO and a nice big K sparky push that took advantage of our waiver. It was good to see Mark and Bryce Hollenbeck, remnants from SPARC’s early days. In addition to LCO duty, Mark Howe also flew though he kept landing so close to the pads that I think someHOWE ;-), he was cheating. David and Doug Powers flew, crashed, and recovered all day. I think they lit the most motors. Doug took home the Dave Glass Donated 29m hardware set for 25 bucks. The sun was just setting as I cruised that wonderful 15 minutes home. Thanks to everyone who was going to remind me to dump the fire extinguishers during tear down for winter storage. I guess my proposal of 6 folks spaced 10 paces and ‘firing’ made them lose interest. Guess I’ll be ‘shooting in the wind’ tomorrow as I prep the trailer for winter storage. President bob

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