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Joe Cooney Boy Scout launch/event report

May 10, 2010

Well the launch is officially over and in the books. Next up is the Boy Scout Jamboree and then June 5th & 6th launch.
The weekend started out as cloudy with winds from the NNE, making it hard to decide where and how to set up the flightline. The weather was definitely weird to say the least, winds started out from the NNE and slowly throughout the day went completely around from the east, and then the south, then from the west and finally back to where they started from. Clouds and rain threatened all day and flying was interrupted for about 30 minutes, while we experienced rain, sleet and finally hail. This all gave way to clear skies and great flying weather. Bob arrived on site at about 0903, trailer in tow. Three flights off Dave Powers' launch pad were already in the books. Once the range was set, flying began in earnest. Nick & Jack Egan who came along to watch there Dad's level 1 attempt, started out the official flying day with Quest RTF rockets. All in all Saturday had 20 fliers putting up 93 flights. There was 111 motors used from 1/2A to an I161 with a total impulse of 3172ns (Small "L"). Mark Howe, Joel Phillips and I managed to wear out the launch equipment, Mark with 12 flights held a slight lead when he decided it was time to pack up and go home. After the short rain delay I kicked it in high gear and managed 22 flights all with a bum ankle. I greatly appreciated and would like to thank all the people who brought some of my rockets back. I loaded my recently restored Estes Black Brandt II with a D12-5 and walked out to the pad, that's when I realized I never installed a launch lug. Thankfully Bob had his tower set up and the BT-55 bird slid in nicely. So, thanks to Bob, I managed my first tower flight. Joel finished with 11 flights and we spent the last hour of flying mostly drag racing rockets, although there were instances were only one rocket launched. Joel got credit for the last rocket flight of the night, some time after I left at 6:30pm. Mark had some good flights but his Edmunds 2 stage Thunder had to be one of the best. Both gliders were recovered safely. Some of the highlights of the day; we had a three rocket CC Express drag race, all parts were recovered. Dave Glass showed up with a rocket built from 5.5" tubes he picked up from Lou Bragg, who got them from me, who got them from our friends from BMR a few years earlier. Dave didn't get a nose cone so he went with out and created a classic called, "Dude, Where's My Nose Cone", the rocket flew great with minor fin damage on recovery. Marty Weiser managed a 7' high glider flight. Marty also won the closest to the pad award, when the glider rolled over and landed safely at the base of the pad. Lou finally got his first flight with his old reliable Estes Patriot on a D12-5. We also had Brian Egan, attempting Level 1 with a very nicely constructed 4" upscale of the Flis Kit Spitfire. Unfortunately a motor malfunction prevented the successful completion of the flight. Hopefully Brian will be back with another attempt soon. His other son Wesley flew a nice Aerotech Sumo on a G64-4, against mine, named "Orange Tango Jam" on a H97J-M. Wesley easily took me off the pad, as the Black jack motors take some time to light. But as Wesley was entering burnout mine was coming up to pressure. I easily over took him as the Orange Tango Jam screamed by. Both flights were safely recovered just a little south of the flightline. All in all Saturday had just about every wind and weather pattern one could expect, but what a great day for flying. Sunday was supposed to be the better day weather wise and in the morning it was just that. Light winds with clear skies; I decided I would start the day off with my first "I" motor flight. I loaded my stubby 4" scratch built ugly painted, "Little Nemo in Nightland" with an I211. The launch was great as the little rocket screamed on a tail of fire. I had a nice launch photo but forgot to reinstall the memory card and so it was lost forever. We managed 8 fliers for Mother's Day and although early morning conditions made for good flying, things just didn't hold up. Winds picked up later in the day and pretty much grounded us from flying. I did managed to fly several Estes Goonybird clones, and finally decided to launch my LOC onyx named Peggy-O on a G53-10. The flight was nice but recovery was a little hazardous. I managed to land in the cow pasture. When I got closer I noticed that every time the chute inflated and the rocket moved a small stampede of cows (2 or 3) could be seen running away. I managed to get the rocket back but the cows regrouped and the fin was left in the coral. Unfortunately for Doug Phillips he managed to do what I have tried to do for years. During the drag race, his Mustang was last seen under chute and then lost. A massive search turned up nothing. Sunday flying was cut short and by the time I returned with my Onyx, those back at the flightline made the decision to tear it down. So the launch came to an end with a few broken rockets and one lost to the winds. For the weekend we had 20 different fliers, who put up 119 flights, and used140 motors with a total impulse of 4888ns (large "L" motor). I would like to thank everyone who made this launch possible and for everybody who came out and flew.

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