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Mark Howe launch report

April 19, 2010

Saw some new faces today… An elderly gentleman who lives north-west of the launch site. He’s seen our signs on Wild Rose Road over the past couple of years, and finally decided to check us out. I think he’ll be back for the Mother’s day launch. Pat Rice, who is the activities coordinator for the BSA Camporee coming up on May 22nd, also paid us a visit along with his son, Marcus. I’m pretty sure he was impressed with what he saw. He also talked to Ann Yanecek regarding the dog-sled organization which may have a booth at the Camporee. It’s still not too late to volunteer! (shameless plug for assistance).
Anywho, we ended up having one heck of a launch! I was a little perturbed at the rocket/weather gods when I woke up in the morning, so I only bought a box of donut holes instead of regular donuts. I guess that, along with Joe’s promise of good weather, was enough to satisfy their hunger, because the weather continued to improve throughout the day. Kudos to everyone who helped set-up, tear-down, LCO, RSO, etc… Special thanks Jeff for being the launch director. I brought 20 rockets with me, but only managed to get 13 up in the air. Four flights were “first timers” for kits I built over the past winter: • “Protectors Of the Northern Galaxy” (P.O.N.G) which uses a ping-pong ball as the nose cone. It flew quite respectably on an 13mm A10-3 motor. • The other three first-timers all used 18mm motors. o “Daddy Long legs” on a B6-4…flight was OK but it really needs a “C”. o “S.L.V.” on a B6-4…chute did not open was no damage was incurred. o “Interplanetary Shuttle” on a C6-5. I stretched this kit by 9”, and there was a ton of nose weight, so a C6-3 would have been more appropriate. My two glider flights did not fair too well, but it was a bit breezy. (this prevented me from even trying my 2-stage “D” gliders): • Edmonds “Gemini” on a 13mm A3-4T. This is a recommended motor but the 4 second delay is just too long for the dual gliders. Next time I’ll go with an A10-3. It’s first flight on a 1/2A3-2 last year was perfect. • Estes “Shuttle Express” on a B6-2 with two parasite gliders. This kit is a piece of crap… This was the 4th flight of this rocket and the mini-gliders acted more like Kamikaze dive bombers…time to add even more tail weight! If you like gliders, I would suggest you stick with anything produced by Edmonds Aerospace. Managed to get in two Alpha-III test flight for possible use the BSA Camporee on 05/22 (volunteers anyone?? ). The 18mm 1/2A6-2 performed better than the 13mm 1/2A3-2T, but as the prez would say there was definitely no “woohoo” factor. Both flights were well under 100’ which is a requirement for the Camporee. I flew my 2-stage saucer (A Flis Kits “Frick & Frack”) on a C6-0 to C6-0 combination. This was its’ 3rd flight. The best of the 3 being a B6-0 to C6-0 combo. My “Gyroc” clone by Semroc flew on a 1/2A6-2…next time I’ll bump it up to an A8-3. I do like the helicopter-drill recovery method of this old Estes kit clone. Another clone I put in the air was a remake of the Centuri “Point”. It’s basically a motor recessed into a cone, which acts as a megaphone. You’ll never heard a “C” motor sound this loud, unless it explodes! My two mid-power flights of the day were: • Estes Maxi-Force on a cluster of three D12-7’s • Aerotech “Mirage” on a 29mm RMS G64-4W. I was worried this one might go into the strand of trees to the northwest of the field, but I was safe by about 10 yards. So, no lost rockets and no broken rockets…at least on my part. Can’t say the same for some of the other members who experienced motor CATO’s and motor ejection failures… I’m sure my time is coming.  Looking forward to Mother’s Day weekend! Regards, Mark W. Howe

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