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Joe Cooney launch report

November 8, 2009

Final Launch has concluded for 2009 and despite a bad weather forecast, the early morning hours were clear skies and winds to 10 knots. Set up began on a whim at around 0800 hrs and Ray & I were mostly finished when the first cars started to show by 0845. All together we had 18 fliers accounting for 55 flights. There were also numerous spectators and a local Boy Scout Troop on hand. Actually that was a lot more people than I expected based on weather reports.
I got the launch started with my Fly it before You can Buy it, clone of the Estes Super Neon XL, named “Bright Side of the Road”. It flew nicely on an E9-6. Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, I was limited in the number of flights I had. I tried to get my Mean Machine clone, “The Pride of Cucamonga” flying on an F39-6, but all I got was no go. Four times I tried and four times I failed, Marty helped me out with an Igniter and the 5th time she climbed high in the air. Longer walk than it should have been, since I walked by it and spent 35 minutes looking for it further out than it was. But it was recovered. My second flight wound up being my CC Express clone named, “CC Rider”, broken fin on the booster taped in place, flew nicely on C11-0 to C11-7, thanks to Brandon for Recovering it for me. My forth and final flight, yes final flight was my Lil' Alien Space Probe named, “Born Cross Eyed”. So much for flying I think the winds got the best of me and I just didn’t want to walk. Actually it might have been the two bowls of chili that slowed me down, I am not sure. Mark Howe finally got the best of me, although I had to sponsor an “I motor” flight as the owners cert lapsed I don’t take credit for it, actually the flight was nice, but the recovery was swift and fast and straight down. No chute! So Mark, with your paltry five flights I will give you all winter to bask in the glow that once again you are the “King of the Launch Pad” and on November 7, 2009 you out flew me. One of Boy Scouts, Darien K. had one of the nicest Big Betty’s I have seen, painted Gold it really shown both times it was flown. Tyler P brought out one of my favorite rockets, the Estes Storm Caster. He flew it three times the last being on an E15-7. It hopped several times while trying to come up to pressure and then it was off to the races. Dave and his brother Doug amassed 11 flights between them accounting for the last rack of the day. Sorry Mark, but Dave notched six flights so although you beat me fair and square; you came up just short on the most flown. I am not sure you can get credit for flying the Estes Hi-Flier aptly named “Can’t Come Down” on an A8-3. That really should be the “not quite so hi-flier” or maybe I just barely cleared the rod and should land really close to it. Tsolo threw a few in the air and if my memory is correct he used the first “Skid Mark” motor at a SPARC launch. I was out recovering my rocket and missed it. The highlight of the Launch has to go to Marty for his Halloween Themed rocket he named Jack O’Cooney. I am not sure, but I didn’t really see any family resemblance to the Cooney clan. A little know fact in the old country my name would have actually been O’Cooney. Marty’s skeleton creation was sent aloft on an I-284 complete with Red Hot candies in the Pumpkin Head. He flew nicely for the first half of the flight and than flipped in the air before gravity took over. The 4 second delay punched the 6 foot 12 inch chute out halfway to the ground. Perfect landing was followed by Marty chasing old Jack across the field as the chute was billowing in the wind. Marty thanks for the laughs that was certainly one of the best launches I have seen. Well that wraps up our final launch, thanks for all those who helped both set up and tear down. I hope to see all of you next year. Oh, and Bob sign me up for the October 30, 2010 launch date. I will definitely finish my Halloween rocket by then. Heck it has only been three years in the making and I only have two fillets left and paint. That shouldn’t be a problem. Joe Cooney, Jack O’Cooney’s normal twin brother

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