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Joe Cooney Launch report

June 9, 2009

Wheatchex 2009, The weekend started out with great weather, Midway Elementary showed up around 1000 and things got started shortly afterwards. While the kids were gathering around I got things started with "Brightside of the Road", and Estes Fly it before you can buy it, Pre-Clone. Flew nicely on an E9-6 and I managed to get 10 flights in the first day. I ended our time with the Midway kids by flying "Antwerp's Placebo" a scratch built plunger rocket on another E9. I ended the day flying my E9 modified Baby Bertha named "A to E Flat Jam". All in all a great day with weather being much gooder than last year. Saturday was Windy, Windy and Windy all day, pretty much left me flying not much at all. A third of my flights were on 13mm birds and I even managed to put one of those over the fence. Seven of my flights were small wire spools either 13mm or 24mm. I managed to completly kill the 24mm one by installing a streamer for the flight. A few flights later it was in pieces. I will definately rebuild these motor wasters as they can be some kinda fun. My big flight of the day was an Aerotech Sumo named, "Orange Tango Jam" I flew it on a G71-4. The delay was more like a two but it recovered safe enough. Dinner Saturday night was a great Potluck, filled with all kinds of food and fellowship. With night drawing near I put my Mean Machine Clone, "The Pride of Cucamonga" up on a pair of flights D12 & C11. The C-11 was a little low and under powered but it recovered nicely. Sunday was Windy but flyable, many flyers putting up a variety rockets on many different motors. There were 8 high powered flights and 15 additional mid power flights as well as a good mix of Models flying all day. I got 11 more flights in on Sunday while spending a few hours walking around looking for lost rockets. I flew the "The Pride of Cucamonga" twice once on an F39 and again on an E28. Both excellent flights with chutes at the top. My big flight of Sunday was my Estes Fatboy Clone, "Heaven Help the Fool" on a G71-10. Luckily I was watching as it was fired out of sequence since the leads were a little jumbled on the mid pads. Good boost and nice recovery just south of the field. Near the end of the flying day the Launch controller started acting up and that pretty much grounded the flying around 1500hrs for the weekend. Things were wrapped up and flight cards counted, over 100 flyers, flew 265 flights on some 300 motors. Looking forward to seeing everybody on Halloween for our last launch of the season. Joe

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