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M&MinM4M Launch report Joe Cooney

May 13, 2008

I was able to start my flying on Thursday, joining Bob along with Whitworth College. Never wanting to pass up a good day of flying even if the weather is less than perfect. Overcast & Windy would be a good description, I managed to get 6 flights in, thanks to Bob for lending me his 12v launch system. I launched everything from an E9 to G80 and a few in between.
Saturday was about the same, overcast & windy. I got to the field late due to my daughters Soccer game in the morning. The day Started as Thursday ended with a G40, this time in the Orange Tango Jam. Next up was the maiden flight of my Goblin clone (E9-8). Great boost streamer melted resulting in the first Broken fin of the day for me. After racing Mark with the Golden Scouts, I chose to push the limits of my 29mm Fat Boy aptly named "Heaven Help the Fool", to a G40-10W. Had a great boost with a good recovery, I will definitely fly it again with this motor. If conditions are good and motor available I would like to see what it would do on an H128. Next up was my Storm Caster named "Smokestack Lightning", flown on an E9-8, it also marked the first time I had to walk across Wild Rose to recover a rocket, I could tell from a way off that it was still blowing across the ground. I had a few failures on Saturday mostly attributed to me. The first was my Modified LOC Viper, a two motor cluster I had trouble getting either motors to light. The rocket would fall off the wood stand-off in the wind, thus shorting out the igniters. I should have used a better stand-off but kept repositioning the block of wood. Finally the wood stayed in place and one motor lit. Definitely not enough thrust on one E9, especially dragging the igniter leads up the rod. I got all of about 25 feet of altitude before gravity took over and the rocket landed a short distance away motor still burning. Short recovery I think that qualified for my Closest to the pad flight. Shakedown Street was next (4 motor cluster LOC Starburst) I got all 4 motors lit for a good boost and recovery. I also suffered an aft closure failure trying to fly my Mean Machine on an E18-7W. I got about about a foot on the rod before it settled back down, no joy. Decided on a smaller chute for my three motor cluster Betty & Dupree. Should've used a bigger chute, knocked a fin clean off, easy repair, but lesson learned. I made a new best friend, walking back and forth to the pad from my truck I crossed paths with a young child flying his foam rocket. He must of easily had twenty flights on it, before the fin broke off. Then he recorded several more with just two fins. I stopped by talked to his dad and grandfather and offered them up a cheap Ready to Fly (RTF) rocket. They broke it free form the package Brandon promptly named it the Golden Boy and the rocket was prepped fro flight. I offered them some B6-4's I had laying around. Brandon wore that little rocket out, I am not sure how many flights he had with it, but I am sure he slept well with all the walking he did recovering it. Watching him with the self launch button was well worth it for me. Brandon welcome to model rocketry hope to see you on another flying day. Honorable mention for Greg, a man after my own heart. Greg frequently had two birds on each rack. Way to go Greg, I would have bet you logged more flights than I did on Saturday. Some time around 6pm after everybody left and the winds died down, the sun broke through the clouds. Perfect weather for the Orange Tango Jam on a G64-4. The wind picked back up for my last flight of the night, lost sight of the rocket never heard the ejection charge looked like I was down one rocket. I packed up went home got the dogs and headed back to the field to see if I might stumble across it. Found it just short of Wild Rose and just off the road in to the launch site. Sunday I was thinking I could get in a flight or two, same weather fewer people. I packed the Orange Tango Jam & 2 G80's and hit the road. I was expecting to have to travel back for another soccer game in the afternoon. Should have brought the Durango still packed with all my equipment. I showed up to Bob & Lou Prepping Rockets while Marty & Chico roamed the fields. I prepped my rocket and waited for Lou, I had a nice low flight with good recovery. Due to the winds I quickly and haphazardly wrapped the chute and shoved it in the rocket for the walk back. Getting the call that there would be no more soccer games that day I decided I would launch the rocket again. Some time had passed since returning so I completely forgot about how I packed the chute and stuck the second G80 in her and walked out to the pad. Another low flight this time the chute was a wad of fabric. The chute finally deployed after the rocket bounced several feet in the air. More damage to my ego than rocket although the body tube will need some repairs. All in all a good three days of flying. Final Tallys 12 Rockets Flew a Total of 28 Flights -- (Maybe 27 as one never left the rod) 15 Different Motors for a Total of 38 Motors Burned (Actually 37 -- One cluster was not a cluster) (1)1/2A; (1) A; (1) B; (1) C; (1) D; (20) E's (18 E9's); (3) F's; (9) G's Total Impulse 1587ns -- (Approx K185W) Thursday -- 348ns Saturday -- 1050ns (Approx J570 - Most Impulse I have Flown in One Day) Sunday -- 188ns Can't wait to see all of you June 6, 7 & 8, for Wheatchex. I have already put in a good word for favorable weather with no winds, clear sky's and warmer temps.

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