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Joe Cooney April Launch report

April 14, 2008

Well I woke up at 0600 hrs and took the dogs for a walk. While watching the sunrise I thought this is going to be a great flying day, so I went home loaded the Durango and headed out.
The drive into the field was great I got there around 0730 in the morning. After I ate breakfast I got started on unloading my gear. I set up my launch pads and prepped a few rockets thinking I could get a couple in the air while I waited for Bob and the trailer. One launch led to another, somewhere around #7 Jeff, our Launch Director, showed up. I launched another two rockets while he was parking his car. While getting ready for my 10th flight, Jeff said he saw Bob coming up the road. So I changed plans and quickly prepped the Pride of Cucamonga for another flight (about 30 sec). Loaded with an E9-4 and sitting on the rod, I waited for Bob. As soon as he was in view I hit the launch button and shot #10 into the air. Set-up didn't take to long, the waiver was called in and I was getting ready for the Alphabet Project, while not a competition I was certainly well behind the others. I loaded my Baby Bertha aptly named A to E Flat Jam with an A8-3 and set it up to fly. I got all of about 30 feet and two seconds of flight on a three second delay. It came back in for a perfect BOINK recovery (a second later the ejection charge fired). Not exactly happy with the flight I tried to launch my two stage tube fin on an A8-0/A8-5 Combo, perfect flight -- perfect LAWN DART recovery. Both rockets survived in tact, so I called my first "A" Flight good and pressed on to "B". I loaded A to E Flat Jam with a B6-4 (Probably Should Rename it B to E Flat Jam) and got a successful chute and recovery. Next was "C". I decided it was a good opportunity to launch the Alien Space Probe and loaded it with a C5-3 and a large chute; another great flight with upright landing. With "C" out of the way I moved on to "D". Again I loaded up A to E Flat Jam, this time a D12-7; wow the Baby Bertha rocks on this motor. Nothing left to do but fly the Baby on an "E"; nice slow burn for three seconds really puts this one up high. Not sure how high but I had trouble tracking it. For the "F" rung I decided to load the Pride of Cucamonga (Scratch built Estes Mean Machine) with an F12-5. Nice smoky flight, not as extreme as the F39 but still gets the rocket up there in a hurry. I decided to go back to Estes Black Powder for the "G" rung. I loaded 4 E9-8's in my modified LOC Starburst and walked it out to the rod. Another excellent slow lift off followed by a three second burn. Ejection at the top, slight winds were going to make for a longer walk, but it landed softly, the wind dragging it across the ground while I was walking up to it. I backed off from the Alphabet Flights so I could launch my Big Betty upscale. It has three 24mm motors canted at 15 deg, each exhausting from between the fins. Nailed all three and captured a great photo of lift-off showing all three flames canted out the bottom of the rocket. I had to scrounge an H97 off Marty for the "H" rung and loaded it into my AeroTech Sumo named Orange Tango Jam. The rocket still sports sanded primer finish so I am not sure about name. Launch was great; ejection was just past apogee but no chute. Actually the chute was fouled, I would like to mention Marty was nice enough to show me how to properly fold and pack a chute for High Powered Rockets. Apparently the wrapping the chute cords around the parachute is not recommended. So there was my Sumo coming in on basically a 33" wide streamer. Thank God for soft dirt or this would have been a lot worse. Small crease in the lower body tube, otherwise no worse for wear. After impact it suddenly hit m e that Marty was using a lot of TUMBLE recovery that day as he was launching nothing but Skeeter's. All in all a GREAT flying day, my car indicated 80 deg on the way home, my head is beat red and it was great seeing all the people out at the launch. No sure how many but cars were coming and going all day long. See you all in May for Mothers Day. Number of Rockets Flown 16 Total Number of Flights 22 Different Type Motors Flown 9 Total Number of Motors Flown 32 Total Impulse 820ns (Small J)

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