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President message

January 10, 2008

Hello 2008, As with last year, only members will receive e-mails regarding club activities. I will attempt to keep the web site current so you can always check here for club happenings. Current 2008 schedule has a 2-day launch over Mothers Day weekend and a model only launch planned for Friday June 6'th. The Mothers Day launch will feature co-launch directors Mark Howe and Marty Weiser with the acronym M&MinM4M (Mark & Marty in May for Mothers Day). The model only launch in June is in support of Midway Elementary. Other launch dates for 2008 will be posted if/when any member in good standing decides to serve as Launch Director. We are passing through 60" of total snowfall for the season with a strong 2' on the ground so I doubt we'll get in a winter fest event unless folks want to snowshoe out to launch site. Spring may also be delayed due to field conditions as things dry out. Once the ground comes back into view, I'll begin checking on the field to evaluate when the practical launch season can begin. Bob Yanecek president

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