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Bob Yanecek Launch Report

June 12, 2007

It was no FITS but I'm trashed (again) after a nice 3 days of rockets. I returned home from the Midway Elementary event on Friday thinking I was packed and ready. So, of course I overscheduled my 'normal' chores and ended up 30 minutes late on Saturday morning for set-up duties. A nice contingent (they looked like a lynch mob to me) was patiently waiting for the trailer to arrive. By 1000 things were set up and Lou activated the waiver.
The weather was OK, attendance was light, and activity was steady. It was really fun. Bob Shaw is my latest hero with wonderful florescent minimum diameter rockets in single through triple stage configurations. I felt in good company as he consistently 'lost' a rocket. Two booster sections were recovered (different rockets??) late in the day after Bob departed. Someone recovered a rocket believed to be from Midways launch on Friday. It was a White Alpha with brown dots/spots (do you say creek or stream?) just in case someone from Saturday did launch such a beast. With the unexpected lack of on-site vendor we suffered a bit from motor envy and will attempt to confirm future vendor attendance with more vigor so attendees can be made aware in advance. Lou Bragg served his second term as launch director and things went quite smooth (once we got waivers, flight cards, and wrist bands on-site). Mark Howe was present with his 'regular' array of rockets. He patiently kept his glider fleet under cover until late afternoon on Saturday when conditions really smiled. Mark was ready and soon gliders were EVERYWHERE. Boost followed by baseball style calls of "I have the North one (or the High one, or the little one)" began. Rob Jopson finally found time to do something besides slide down mountains on slick sticks and flew two airframes with a vengeance. Once was a 24mm minimum diameter "ETV" that he flew multiple times on E9-8's. Lost it once but then found it faster than most folks track down a 'known bearing'. His other rocket was a Comanche 1.75 (stock sustainer that's then CHAD staged). Not really stock sustainer as it always held an E9-8 after been boosted by a D12-0. Rob managed to hit Wild Rose after a nice straight boost with only a streamer for recovery. Did I forget to mention there was a distinct breeze? I put up my "GTV" on an Ellis Mt. SU G35-10. What a sweet push that motor gave. Pushed the rocket up to 'nowhere'. I had attempted a 'new' concept (always risky) of attaching an Este's 12" chute to 10' of flagging tape. Of course you always assume success, so since I launched on the same rack as Rob's 1.75 Comanchee, we just figured I was North of Wild Rose (not supposed to be there:-(. I brief search revealed nothing obvious and with multiple tall grass fields in play, I wrote off the rocket and we returned to the launch site. Lou stole Bob Shaw's Hero status when he returned from a close in recovery with my rocket. Thanks to a Pratt Hobbies 'sona-lert', the rocket called Lou in from his recovery effort. Well, Rob and I sure wasted our time searching downwind as the Estes chute stripped and the rocket came pretty much straight back down landing a few hundred yards from launch. The flagging tape was soo twisted up that it looked like silly string. Plenty of strength though so I'll try future flights with a chute-on-a-streamer and see what happens. I too had several "ETV" flights in a 24mm airframe and E9-8 pushes. I switched between streamer and chute recovery options with good flights. One flight had an embarrassing wiggle but on the next flight I changed the name from "ETV" to "Mister Wiggles" and the rocket flew arrow straight.......go figure. The Phillips family showed up for the first time this season and Joel had several nice flights (and one high speed drag separation). Joel is working on an L1 bird and with any luck will certify later this season. The big points came after dark when a nice load of firewood showed up and we totally enjoyed a wonderful evening even with a light spitting of rain. While I absolutely claim that I do not like Anchovies, the Caesars salad that Dave Glass brought to go along with Ann's Dutch oven chili-n-Cornbread was excellent and apparently that salad had mashed anchovy parts imbedded. It hurts just admitting that. If Saturday activity was light, then Sunday was lighter. Still we launched at a very comfortable pace until a bit after 2 when we called 'last rack' and were packed up and on the road right at 3. Bob Yanecek

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