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End of season meeting report

November 13, 2006

The call for interest in local launches next year was well received with 13 of the 27 paid members for this year in attendance. In case anyone is counting, the next new paid member will be #69. Ray immediately stepped down as president and requested takers. Not sure how long I waited but I raised my hand and was attacked like a wounded critter.
Response sounded unanimous so ... Here Goes: No VP No Secretary No Treasurer No scheduled launches for next year. Just a president and the required NAR Advisor (Marty Weiser). Thankfully folks didn't walk out, and after a spirited discussion the following emerged. The #1 position required for a launch is that of Launch Director (LD). We got 4 volunteers to serve as LD for 5 launches in 2007. The goal will be the second weekend of the month (April-June and Sept/Oct). LD will determine whether Saturday, Sunday, or both. If the first of the month is a Sat/Sun the LD has discretion as to what counts as the second weekend. While the LD can theoretically take on all required duties, he can also do nothing other than ensure required duties have been addressed. At a minimum, the LD shall cancel the launch if 100% of the required duties cannot be committed to by T-2 days to launch. Over the next few weeks I'll meet with the Team of LD's (TOLD) to establish an exhaustive checklist of actions required to conduct a launch. Paid members will receive regular updates on club activities via email. Non-paid members are encouraged to check the club web site for updates. Annual membership is $20. Spectators are free to attend and low power fliers may participate for free. Non-member high power fliers will be charged $5/event. No more pre-scheduled club meetings. If a consensus shows interest, future meetings will be scheduled. As a launch approaches, the web site will become active as soon as the LD checklist is complete, @ T-2 days and holding, to call in the waiver. Once the waiver is called in, the web site will provide regular updates with scheduled posts at T-24 hrs, T-12 hrs, and T-2 hrs. The primary concern during this time will be weather and field conditions. Liability waivers and Flight cards will be available for download off the web site. Pre registering is preferred. Second choice is showing up with a pre-filled out liability waiver form. Third choice is everything else. Blanks will be available at the site for those that need them. It is the goal to maintain a signed liability waiver for each person on site. All existing liability waivers will be purged. No launches over 7,000' AGL without LD approval. Highly recommended you contact the LD prior to the launch date for these flights. 2007 SPARC Launch Directors April = Lou Bragg May = Mark Howe June =Lou Bragg Sept = Jeff Halstead Oct = Terry Moore Read For pick-up launches, any paid member can assume LD duties at any time. Our launch site is freely donated by a local landowner as his community service. Fortunately his grandson is a cub scout with rocket interest so you can count on a pick-up launch around his scout troops needs. Colville has an impressive set of TARC teams. We will be making every attempt to assist them. Anyone who fails as LD must grovel and beg before being put to a club vote and allowed to try again. Current 2007 paid membership is at 7. Bob Yanecek

Posted by launchdirector at November 13, 2006 8:21 AM


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