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April '06 Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2006

April's meeting took place in Mansfield on Saturday evening of the launch. In attendence;

Katie Varrette
Lou Bragg
Bryon Schopp
Bill Munds
Dave Woodard
Harold Kellams
Sean Stoner
Bob Yanecek
Charla Davidson

We elected to have the meeting in Mansfield due to the high number of members that would be attending the launch.

Treasury Report
We took in $80 since the last report and paid the Port-a-Potty bill. No totals were available at the meeting.

Sky Fest discussion
We are still in need of a voluteer to lead the charge. No one has stepped forward to do so. If we end up doing the show, we won't be doing anything but a static demo and booth. If no one steps up to lead the organization of the event, we won't be doing it.

K700 qualification
It was decided to extend the qualification period beyond the May launch at SPARC. We will add one additional day, Saturday at FITS, to the qualification chances. Thus far, there haven't been any qualifying flights declared. Flights will be on Monday at FITS. Just to remind everyone of the rules around the flights;
-Each of the closest three flights to 2500 feet will be awarded one of the motors.
-One motor per Person
-You have two flights to qualify
-You must announce that it is a qualifying flight
-You must be a SPARC member (dues are $20 for the year)
-You must fly the qualifying flight at SPARC’s field or on Saturday at FITS
-The K700 should be flown at the FITS launch in Mansfield Memorial Day weekend on Sunday. A VERY strong preference for this…
-A commercial altimeter must be flown, it does not have to deploy the
recovery system.
-Altitudes will be verified by Officers of the club.
-You must be a level one flyer, or partner with a level one flyer for the qualifying flight.
-For the K700 flight at FITS you must be a level two flyer, use the flight as a level two certification, or partner with a level two flyer.
-You must use the SAME rocket for the qualifying flight and the K700 flight.
-You can not break the waiver at Mansfield with your K700 flight
-You are responsible for obtaining the casing for the K700 flight and
qualifying flights
-You may use any motor you like for qualifying flights as long as its
-Point will be awarded based on the TARC altitude contest methodology. IE 0 points for 2500 ft exactly, 1 point for every foot away from 2500 ft.
-Lowest points wins
-Best point flight used. IE points are not totaled, but individually

Puget Sound Propulsion is interested in doing the Aerotech altitude contest at SPARC for the June launch. Details of the contest can be found on Aerotech's website. PSP still needs to work out the details of the contest, but are gauging interest. There needs to be a minumum number of people to participate. Prizes are awarded. We will limit the contest flying to "F" impulse only, due to waiver issues with the other classes ("I" and "K"). PSP and SPARC and work out the details of the contest, advertisement etc at the May launch.

That's about it, the meeting was short, it was cold and windy.

Hope to see you at the SPARC launch on May 13th.

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