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Feb. Club Meeting

February 22, 2006

Just a reminder to those watching this site that we have a club meeting this coming Saturday Feb, 25, 2006 at HobbyTown at the North Division Y.

Hope to see you there!

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January '06 Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2006

In attendance;

Doug, Ruth and Joel Phillips
Mark Howe
Bob Yanecek
David Glass
Alan Roberts
Harold Kellams
Marty Weiser
Ray Stoner
Charla Davidson
Jim Baker
John Hearn

Topics of discussion;
Voting on club officers. Club officers for the year are;
Ray Stoner – President
Lou Bragg – Vice President
Bob Yanecek – Treasurer
Charla Davidson – Secretary

The flier was discussed and one change was made to indicate that an August launch was not “Fire Danger Permitting, but that it would be a pick up launch if it rains and that it has never happened before…

The waiver was filed on the 10th of January, and we are just waiting for it to arrive. If it has not arrived within 4 weeks of the March launch, I will check in to find out what’s up.

The Treasury report shows that we ended the year with $386, there were $160+ in dues collected at the meeting. Expenditures anticipated were section dues, and port-a-potty fees when the flying season starts.

The trailer party is to be held on the 11th of February at Bob Yanecek’s house. It will begin at 10am and run to whenever. The model launch pads need to be rebuilt, Bob has lumber, Marty will check on rod mounts. The Midpower launch pads need more rods made, and there was discussion of a couple of rails being purchased. One of the pads is damaged and needs to be replaced, Marty is taking the task of locating fencing rail (metal) for replacement. The flight card board also needs new clips to hold the flight cards. I will locate and purchase new clips. The doors on the trailer also need repair. A pot luck of sorts will be held around lunch time. Bring things that go with “dogs”.

We will continue to hold raffles at every well attended launch. The items for raffle will be donated by members of the club.

We decided to review the documents (LCO, RSO, etc) at the next meeting.

John Hearn will print some new flight cards. They will have holes punched in the middle for a “pokey thing” to hold them after the LCO launches the flight. A “donut” of sorts will hold them down.

ID cards will be updated to reflect membership for 2006 and issued to new members.

Outreach activity will continue to be coordinated through the Vice President, this year that is Lou Bragg. Contact him with any outreach activities.

Support of the TARC teams was discussed. The club has offered to hold a “fly off” based on current TARC contest rules for the 6 TARC teams in the area. So far one of the teams has expressed interest. We will be contacting the other teams in the area again, to solicit their participation.

An exciting contest for the 3 K700 motors from the Club Project was decided on. The rules are as follows;

-Each of the closest three flights to 2500 feet will be awarded one of the motors.
-One motor per Person
-You have two flights to qualify
-You must announce that it is a qualifying flight
-You must be a SPARC member (dues are $20 for the year)
-You must fly the qualifying flight at SPARC’s field
-The K700 should be flown at the FITS launch in Mansfield Memorial Day weekend. A VERY strong preference for this…
-A commercial altimeter must be flown, it does not have to deploy the recovery system.
-Altitudes will be verified by Officers of the club.
-You must be a level one flyer, or partner with a level one flyer for the qualifying flight.
-For the K700 flight at FITS you must be a level two flyer, use the flight as a level two certification, or partner with a level two flyer.
-You must use the SAME rocket for the qualifying flight and the K700 flight.
-You can not break the waiver at Mansfield with your K700 flight
-You are responsible for obtaining the casing for the K700 flight and qualifying flights
-You may use any motor you like for qualifying flights, as long as its certified
-Points will be awarded based on the TARC altitude contest methodology. IE 0 points for 2500 ft exactly, 1 point for every foot away from 2500 ft.
-Lowest points wins
-Best point flight used. IE points are not totaled, but individually counted.

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