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WheatChex '05 Photos

January 8, 2006

Some of the photos from the WheatChex '05 launch. All shots taken by Tsolo T. Tsolo of RocketShots. Tsolo is a phenominal photographer that sells the photos he takes at launches. He has graciously allowed us to use these shots at reduced resolution on the SPARC website. Photos can be ordered (soon) from his website, and also at any launch he attends.

The flyers meeting.

A nice shot looking west.

Harold Kellams' rocket takes flight.

A Marty Weiser creation leaves the pad on a smokey motor.

Marty's rocket again, this time on a Blue Motor.

Did he actually fly this thing 3 times? I think he did, this time on a white motor.

Dave Glass prepares a Goddard scale model for flight, Greg Allen looks on.

Dave Glass' Goddard hoop skirt ready for flight.

The Hoop Skirt strains for the sky.

A perfect recovery.

The local Sherriff arrives, the flight line in the background.

He *likes* rockets.

Ray Stoner's Charm leaves the pad.

Greg Allen's rocket leaves the pad.

A nice smokey motor.

A big Alpha made by John Weiser aims for the sky on a Redline Motor.

Dave Glass' Purple hazard takes flight.

Mark Howe's Ajax rocket leaves the model pads. Isn't this a cool rocket?

Another nice smokey motor.

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