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Meeting minutes April 2005

April 24, 2005

SPARC had it's monthly meeting Saturday morning at HobbyTown. The minutes of the meeting follow.

In attendance;
Mark Howe
Lee Mceuen
Dave Glass
Harold Kellams
Dave Luders
Krys Davidson
Charla Davidson
Ray Stoner

Kind of light in the attendance department. Marty, Bob, Terry Moore Read,Jim Kurilich and Lou Bragg all notified me prior to the meeting that they would not be able to make it.

Raffle update-
Jim Kurilich sent me an email with updates to the raffle for the club project. Quest Aerospace has donated 4 kits to the effort, they are 2 X-15's and 2 Full Moons. Mark Howe also has a Estes Broadsword he has donated, and Dave Stubbs has donated 5 hours of Metal lathe time. I know that Puget Sound Propulsion has also donated a motor case, but I can't find the email describing which one. The raffle doesn't seem to support the purchase of the motors for the club project for LDRS and Mansfield. Cash or motor donations will be accepted. I am bringing the club project to the May launch as a show piece. There is still hope that we will fly the sustainer at SPARC in May.

Club project-
There is still a lot of work to do on the club project. Final weights will determine the size 'chutes we need, but we are going to need 2 large 'chutes for main recovery, and one drogue too. Shock cord and 'chute protectors are needed. Wiring of electronics and more electronics are needed too. If you have any of the above items, let Ray Stoner know. They don't have to be gifts to the project, loans for the flights are OK.

Treasury report-
Balance on 3/31/05 was $805.80
April launch generated $20 in membership fees and $63.00 from the raffle.
Expenses were $19.80 for the port-a-potty
Current balance is $869
Club project balance is $85.16
Available in the general fund is $783.34

Out Reach report-
Marty hosted a TARC qualifying attempt, we don't think they made the cut
John Hearn, Bob Yanecek and Mark Howe hosted a session with a cub scout den at Michaels Craft store for about 10 kids. They say it went well and the ~10 kids that were there ask a lot of questions. The Den should be attending the May launch.
Mark Howe will begin to work with Moran Prairie in early June
Bob continues to work with Midway Elementary School
Buck and John Hearn continue to work with the Garfield 4H group.

LDRS 24-
Dave Luders has volunteered to carry motors for the club to LDRS in Canada. See the email I sent previously for details on what Dave needs by May 7th so he can include your motors in his magazine.
Wildman and other vendors will be onsite in Canada with motors, so you'll be able to purchase on site. Prior arrangements with the vendor will be required to ensure they have the motors you want. Make the arrangements early to make sure they have the motors and the time to do the paper work.
You are required to pre-register for the event if you plan on flying Experimental motors. If you plan to fly commercial motors you can register onsite, but it costs more. Registration closes on June 15. Spectators and juniors flying models are not requried to pay launch fees or register. More information on LDRS can be found here.

Sky Fest-
The group at the meeting have decided not to participate in SkyFest this year. It follows very closely on the heals of LDRS in Canada. LDRS ends on the 19th, and SkyFest is on 23-24th...
We would like to participate in SkyFest 2006.

Landowner Issue-
With the landowner restrictions of "walk straight to the rocket and straight back, but only if you know exactly where its at" and no grid searches on planted land the group decided that a couple things are in order to prevent losing the recovery area to the south of the launch site.
1. Announce at the flyers meeting and every round of rockets the rule of one person one rocket in planted fields.
2. Make a special announcement if a rocket is seen to drift into planted area to remind the rocketeer of the recovery restrictions.
3. All members pay attention to recoveries in planted land, try to prevent folks from taking more than one person into a planted field for recovery.
4. Have extra observers tracking rockets that recover in planted fields so we have the best chance of walking directly to the rocket.
5. Suspend launching until a rocket recovering in a planted field is down to allow the rocketeer and others to get a good recovery line on it.
6. Put a sign (or 2 or 10) at the planted areas letting people know of the new recovery rule.
7. If people are warned (via flyers meeting, announcements at the beginning of each round, when the rocket is seen to land on planted land and shouting to let them know the rule) and insist on recovering the rocket with more than one person, they will be asked to leave the site for the remainder of the launch. This is a last resort.

No open fires will be allowed, except in the 1/2 barrel designated for burning. No fires at all during county burn bans.

We must seek permission from the land owner to the south for launches in July, August and September. If he feels the fire danger is too high, we will suspend launch for that month. This won't affect us this year for July and August, we won't be launching anyway, but could impact us for our 2 day launch in Septemeber.

Its time that SPARC seek another launch site, several areas were brought up a potential sites. Harold of BAR said there might be a possiblily of launching at the Telford site, but we need to do some research on that front. SPARC is looking for a site that will support a minimum of a 7000ft waiver and up to K motors (1 mile square). If you are aware of a place that might be suitable, please contact one of the officers of the club.

Glider build-
There wasn't really enough time to build the gliders during the meeting, but Mark distributed gliders to all present with verbal instructions on how to build them. Those that were present are going to build them and have them ready for the May launch. This should be a lot of fun. To those that got gliders, don't forget to put your name on them to make sure you get them back.

All in all a good meeting, even if we did talk too much and couldn't build the gliders ;-).

Ray Stoner
SPARC president

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April 2005 Launch Statistics

April 16, 2005

The number of flights at the April 2005 launch was fairly typical for a SPARC one day launch at 74. However, the total impulse and number of staged and clustered flights were on the low side. Please see the extended entry for details and a histrogram of the current launch compared to historical averages.

Impulse Number
1/4 A 1
1/2 A 2
A 7
B 9
C 25
D 17
E 7
F 5
G 1
H 7
I 1
J 2
Unknown -

Total Motors 84
Total N-s 5,366
Motor Equiv. M
Ave N-s/flt 73
Motor Equiv. F

2 Stage 4
7x Cluster 1

Total Flights 74
Total known flights 74
Motors/Flight 1.14
05April Histogram.jpg

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April 2005 launch report

April 11, 2005

SPARC had a launch on this last Saturday. The weather predictions weren't promising, but it turned out to be a nice day to launch rockets.

I didn't get a really good picture of the launch this time around, I sequestered myself in my trailer and studied for the level two test, passed it then proceeded to prep the rocket in seclusion. As a result, I missed a lot of the action in the morning.

When I arrived in the morning, the trailer was there and mostly unloaded, but there wasn't a lot of activity in the field setting up. I helped the family get the trailer set up and then proceeded to help out on setup, there must have been many hands (although I don't recall that there were a lot of people there) because it seemed that the equipment almost set up itself. I called in the waiver and launch began.

Mark Howe had the first flight of the day but I don't remember what it was...and we had 74 flights in all, Marty will follow up with the motor stats.

Things kept going from there. I was in a blur trying to focus on my level two, so I'll plagiarize a lot from Bob and Mark's reports.

A couple of the flights that were memorable to me;

Bryon Schopp had two catos of a chad staged rocket called Big Betty. Both times the upper stage lit and flew to a nice deployment. I was LCOing for both of them, and it startled me both times. I guess the motors were old and had been through a couple of temperature cycles.

John Hearn's Sylvester, with a quick modification for shear pins. A late deployment had me nervous that the modification had caused a failure.

A couple of flights of an AstroCam, I hope the photos turn out.

Terry Moore-Read flying two versions of a Bullpup.

A viking that went up with fins that disappeared at motor ejection. The body tube burned through.

A Blue Ninja that flew a bunch of times.

A mosquito (?) drag race....phhhhtttt, GONE. I hope they found them.

Most interesting flight of the day, as Mark recalls them:

- Dave L. and his "Lego" fleet of rockets (at least 4), totally built from...you guessed it... Legos! (I think the recovery systems need some work...)

- Harold K. and his J800 flight to over 8K...didn't think that bird was EVER gonna come down. RockSim erroneously had the rocket achieving a much lower altitude...

- Ray S. and his successful L2 attempt using his "nude" (not painted) Quark. I think the rule is that if a rocket has been launched at least twice it needs to get some "clothes" on Ray! ;-)

- Dave L. and his "Ostrich Egg" rocket provided the most excitement of the day, going unstable and spinning into the flight line...ejecting it's motor right smack into the rear compartment of Dave Glass's truck. Thankfully no damage to human or material goods was incurred...

- Lou B. who achieved his L1 cert at our March launch, put his recently acquired achievement to good use by flying a fair number of High Power, as well as mid-power rockets.

- Marty W. who launched a modified Fat Boy on seven D12-7's...lots of smoke and noise from a bunch a D motors!

More thoughts from Bob;

First flight of the year by one of our loaner rockets to a new found rocketeer. We'll be looking for her again in the future.

Marty 'wasted' a nice I motor in a saucer for a very impressive flight. It boosted with a little wiggle and tumble recovered so still some balance analysis in order.

I went the other way and flew a normally slow H97 for a zipping boost in a dual deployment BT-55 airframe to a little over 4200'.

Mark Howe was everywhere; set up, first flight, LCO, flying, visiting, LCO, flying, tear down.

Sign me up for Dave Luders tracking service. I don't think he missed a single flight with optical verification of apogee event.

Terry Moore must like folks finding his rockets so he 'hid' another one out there (yellow Estes Wizard).

The first raffle for the club project was held, 4 prizes were offered, a "yes, I am a rocket scientist" t-shirt donated by the Rocket Bakery (thanks Dave Glass for getting this), a Estes Prowler Kit donated by Mark Howe, an Alpha III kit donated by HobbyTown and a Deltie Airshow kit donated by Ray Stoner. We were able to raise $63 toward materials and motors for the club project.

Winners were;
Dave Luders
Terry Moore-Read
Bryon Schopp
Raymond Jorgenson

I want to say thanks to all that helped setup, tear down, got waivers signed, helped out with the raffle, took LCO duty and RSO duty.

Don't forget the club meeting in a couple of weeks.

Ray Stoner
SPARC President

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