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March 2005 Launch Statistics

March 16, 2005

March 2005 was a bit larger than normal one-day launch for SPARC with 105 flights as Ray reported. We also reached a milestone of 2000+ recorded flights (since July 02 when I started keeping detailed records). There were a total of 125 motors used and the total impulse was 8,833 N-s (mid-sized M) and the average impulse per flight as 86 N-s (small G). The statistical details and along with additional comments about the graph are included in the extended entry. 05Mar motor summary.jpg
Here are the detailed statistics for the March 2005 launch. Impulse Number 1/2 A 2 A 8 B 26 C 34 D 18 E 8 F 5 G 6 H 6 I 9 J 1 Unknown 2 Total Motors 125 Total N-s 8,833 Motor Equiv. M Ave N-s/flt 86 Motor Equiv. G 2 Stage 5 3 Stage 1 3x Cluster 5 4x Cluster 1 Total Flights 105 Total known flights 103 Motors/Flight 1.19 The motor use profile was quite typical for SPARC except for the distinct bump for the I impulse and perhaps a slight weakness in the F - H classes. I am guessing that this was a result of a combination of decent weather an an on-site motor vendor. This month I calculated averages for the one and two day launches so I could compare them to this month's launch. We launch 90% more rockets during a two-day launch than a one-day launch (159.5 vs. 83.8), but only increase the total impulse by 48% from 7,087 to 10,490 N-s. The implication is that that the HPR fliers launch the same number of rockets regardless of one or two-day status of the launch, while two-day launches attract more model and mid-power fliers. Marty

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