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Club Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2005

Club Meeting Minutes 26-Feb.-05

1. Matt from Hobby Town spoke to us for a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting. He covered topics related to how Hobby Town is planning to support SPARC. Matt is still working on getting set up with AeroTech, they have lost his paperwork several times, he plans to submit the paperwork everyday, until he gets results. He is expanding the rocketry related area and plans to carry PML, LOC, parachutes, altimeters and other items like motor cases can be special ordered. HobbyTown will be offering paid SPARC members a 5% HobbyTown discount along with another 5% SPARC member discount, for a total of 10% discount on purchases. I will be sending a membership list to Matt.

2. We have decided to proceed with the purchase of a club Porta-Potty. The cost to the club is anticipated to be between $75-$150. Servicing of the Porta-Potty will be $25/month from American on-site Serivces. Current cost is $55/month for rental, delivery and service. The Porta-Potty should pay for itself quickly. Off season storage will be at the old house foundation on Emerson's property if he will allow it. If he won't allow it Dave Stubbs will store it at his property. Dave Stubbs has taken the action to find the Porta-Potty for purchase and he will notify Ray Stoner to make the purchase.

3. Jim Kurlich will check on a white board at work to see if one is available for free, if not, a melamine sheet could be used with a grease pencil for the same purpose.

4. The high altitude (>7000ft) flight criteria were defined.
a. Winds must be less than 7mph
b. There will be an RSO committee of 3 senior members of NAR or Tripoli, one being a club officer, one being the current RSO and one other volunteer. All must be at least level one flyers.
c. The RSO committee will make the call on the flight. Their decision will include the normal safety criteria, along with an evaluation of current conditions, launch rod angle for safe ballistic recovery and other appropriate criteria.
d. Recovery must be either dual deployment, or streamer. Streamers are allowed only where they would be appropriate for the safe recovery of the rocket, i.e. a 50 lbs bird would not be allowed to recover on a streamer.
e. Motor must be "K" impulse or less.
f. Other members of SPARC are allowed to observe, but not participate in decision making. The idea is to Mentor less experienced flyers.

5. The method of raising money for the motors in the club project was decided to be a raffle. It will be held during the months of April, May and June. Jim Kurlich and Ray Stoner will take the lead in obtaining items for raffle. Donations from Vendors and individuals are being solicited and will be accepted. If you have something (rocketry related or not) that you would like to include in the raffle, contact either Ray or Jim to arrange it.
a. We will have a test flight in April (?) of the sustainer on a J570 donated by Dave Stubbs.
b. We will have a test flight at Fire in the Sky in May at Mansfield of the full configuration. Currently we have 3-J350's that have been donated to the flight. Two by David Luders and one by Dave Stubbs. We will need two additional J350's for the flight.
c. A full flight on what ever motors we can purchase with the proceeds from the raffle will occur at LDRS in Lethbridge Canada in July.

6. A show and tell session followed the business. Marty brought two rockets to show off. A tube fin rocket design for his student outreach program, a very cool design that addresses several construction issues with kids, fin alignment and gluing being the primary ones. Marty also brought a kit he purchased several years ago, a Gammon SA5. He began construction of the kit recently and is well along. A very interesting kit with 12 fins!

The next Club meeting will be held at HobbyTown at the north division Y on the fourth Saturday in March at 10:30am. A presentation on filing for a waiver with the FAA will be on the agenda along with other business items.

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