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September '04 Launch Report

September 26, 2004

We had a nice family oriented launch today in spite of the threatening weather. Of course on part of the family played in B/C land while the other played mostly with Js. A large band of rain passed over the site around 8 am, but we had not planned to start set up until 9:00 so it was fine. We decided to do a minimal set up to make it easier to tear down if it really started to rain and were ready to start at 10 am even though I showed up with the trailer closer to 9:30 and than 9.

The first flight of the day went to Mark Howe with his Edmonds Twinsee on an A8-3 with perfect recovery of both gliders. I then finished the first rack with Skeeter Eater on a J350 for a prefect flight in a custom paint job by Ray Stoner.

We quite a few new faces show up today including the Mathieu family that logged 11 flights – high for the day. Davis Mathieu had nine of the flights which was one short of Mark Howe’s ten. Rob Emanuela and Eric Anderson tied for third with six flights each. Harold Kellams took the honors for the most total impulse at 2177 N-s on three flights. We only had 59 flights for the day which is a new low on a day when we did not shut down due to weather since I began tracking stats in July 2002. On the other hand we had the highest average impulse of 154 N-s (nearly an H) on a day when it felt like there were lots of models in the air. The flight stats are listed below.

Impulse Number

1/2 A 1

A 5

B 17

C 20

D 4

E 0

F 1

G 1

H 3

I 2

J 4

K 1

Total Motors 59

Total N-s 7,999

Motor Equiv. M

Ave N-s/flt 154

Motor Equiv. G

2 Stage 3

3x Cluster 2

Total Flights 52

Total known flights 52

Motors/Flight 1.13

We had three flights with problems. Paul Nelson came over from the coast and flew his scratch built Amraam 4 on a J540R for a perfect flight and near prefect recovery. The only problem is that the nose cone and electronics bay are about 40 ft. up a tree – we will complete the recovery in the next couple of weeks. His son Ian flew his scratch built Thingy on a 3xC6 cluster for a wonderful skywriting demo and no harm done to other than the rocket due to the morning rain. Harold Kellams flew his scratch built Defiant on a K550 for a great boost and some upper level windcocking into the edge of a cloud never to be seen again. He is looking into getting a Walston unit now.

Other high power flights included:

Harold’s Scooter (min diam) on an H238 for a real neck snapper and his Splat on an I357

Dave Glass flew Get the Lead Out (pencil) on an H180 and Spartan (scale model of an early ABM) on an I161

Ray Stoner’s Purple Haze on and H128

Marty Weiser’s Caliber-X on a J370GG (first SPARC member launch of an AMW motor and my first perfect dual deployment flight)

The Mathieu got multiple flights out of the five rockets they brought out with Davis’ Baby Bertha and Bull Pup each making three trips along with two each for his Heatseeker and Molly’s pencil. Rob Emanuela and .Eric Anderson took the opposite approach to their multiple flights – they flew six rockets once each. Mark Howe also spread his flights among a multiple rockets. He had three of the Edmonds Gliders including the CiCi-2 which uses gap staging to boost the two gliders to different altitudes. We had a contest to see if any of the new members could determine the theme to the nicknames of Mark’s rockets and no one came up with the answer so we will need to let it ride. However, the CiCi-2 is nicknamed “Confusion’s Prince” for those looking for a hint.

We finished the day with Rich Maes’ L2 cert flight of his Apache on a J350. He had a perfect boost and nice smooth recovery, although he had to walk bit due to wind drift, but it stayed on the field. Rich had come over and aced the L2 test Sat. morning which made his trip the launch nice and relaxing. His wife Kristen is trying to find the time to finish her L1 bird for next month.

A big thanks to everyone who helped set up and particularly those who helped tear down before dealing with their own stuff so I could get the club trailer delivered and then back to the site to pick up my trailer. I also want to thank Dave Luders for bringing out his magazine with all of the motors and his eagle eye tracking.

Hope the see you for the next launch the weekend of Oct 9 and 10. If there is enough interest (let us know) we can shoot for two days.

Regards - Marty

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