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Mothers day 2002 Photos

May 31, 2002

Photos from our Mothers day 2002 launch.

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Mothers Day Launch 2002

May 30, 2002

Well hello to all NW Rocketeers out there. We had the best Mother's Day launch in SPARC's history with One hundred and Fourteen flights from a quarter A to a J 420 redline motor. We also had 3 Level 1 Certs., 1 Shred ,and 1 Cruise Missile (horizontal flight). Weather was great the sun was out with high thin clouds with no wind throughout the whole day. We hosted about 75 flyers and just had a great time. Moms, Grandmoms, Granddads, and Dads watched their children's Spirits Soar, letting their own spirits soar right a long with them!
The flight breakdown is as follows:
ΒΌ A = 1
A = 6
B = 21
C = 42
D = 9
E = 0
F = 4
G = 13
H = 12
I = 1
J = 1
And 4 unknowns as the motor type was not given .

Ann Yanecek took some really great pictures of the activities going on at the launch. Check them out at here or at http://www.iesales.com/sparc and see who made it into SPARC's hall of fame or shame? Buck Buckles flew his Nimbus on a I 300 duel deployment, which was having a great flight on the way up but on recovery the streamer deployed on cue but at 800 ft. the nosecone failed to deploy properly due to a tight fit, and the black powder charge went off as programmed which resulted in a over pressurized airframe. Buck now has a four piece airframe instead of 2 as it started out on the way up (Sorry Buck on your loss)

Last season there was a suggestion that flyers wanted to be able to push the launch button to send their rockets aloft. Well thanks to Kirk Mohror he has made our dreams come true. Over the last winter Kirk took the launch controller home and modified it in a way to allow the LCO to maintain control of launch operations but allow the flyer to send their rockets skyward. We had ten flyers fulfill that dream. Thanks again Kirk for a job well done.

Last month Keith Stormo came up from Moscow ID to join our club; but as most of you know the weather did not co-operate, with winds at 30 MPH gusting to 50. But Keith remained undeterred. He purchased a BSD kit which he took back to Moscow and worked on over the following month, and returned today to become a BAR after a 30 year absence and achieved his level one on his second flight of the day. Well done, Keith!

SPARC would like to welcome our newest members Keith Stormo, the Sorg family- David, Stacey, Kenny, Emily, the Ackerman family- Ruby, Scott, Evan,Rebecca, Nathan, Ryan; David Corder; the Watrous family- Letitia, Mathew,Travis, Heather; and the Bernhard family- Scott, Scotty, Desiree, Deborah;

Other noteworthy achievements are Christopher & Cody Higginbath and Edward Wolf as first time flyers; Joseph Shields flying his video rocket called Bob; also Dave Corder with his Astro cam. Also SPARC wishes to say thank you to a gentleman who donated 3 ABC class fire extinguishers to SPARC. I am sorry that I cannot recall his name at the moment; if anyone does know please drop me a line so he can be properly recognized.

A Reminder: Our two-day Wheat Chex 2002 launch is coming next month June 7-9; camping is welcome and you might want to pre order your motors from All Hobbies so you are not caught short handed and in need of AP therapy. I hear it's rather expensive at our local hospitals. Also the Artrain sponsored by NASA & The National Air & Space Museum will be in Deer Park on May 25-27 at the fair grounds in Deer Park, located at 350 S. Main Street. It will be featuring photos from NASA & The National Air & Space Museum. Admission is $3.50 for adults and children 12 and younger $ 1.00

Written by David Stubbs

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