End of season meeting report

November 13, 2006

The call for interest in local launches next year was well received with 13 of the 27 paid members for this year in attendance. In case anyone is counting, the next new paid member will be #69. Ray immediately stepped down as president and requested takers. Not sure how long I waited but I raised my hand and was attacked like a wounded critter.

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June Club Meeting

June 22, 2006

It's time for a club meeting this Saturday June 24, 2006. 10:30 am at HobbyTown at the North Division Y. Hope to see you there!

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April '06 Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2006

April's meeting took place in Mansfield on Saturday evening of the launch. In attendence;

Katie Varrette
Lou Bragg
Bryon Schopp
Bill Munds
Dave Woodard
Harold Kellams
Sean Stoner
Bob Yanecek
Charla Davidson

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Feb. Club Meeting

February 22, 2006

Just a reminder to those watching this site that we have a club meeting this coming Saturday Feb, 25, 2006 at HobbyTown at the North Division Y.

Hope to see you there!

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January '06 Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2006

In attendance;

Doug, Ruth and Joel Phillips
Mark Howe
Bob Yanecek
David Glass
Alan Roberts
Harold Kellams
Marty Weiser
Ray Stoner
Charla Davidson
Jim Baker
John Hearn

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November 05 meeting Minutes

December 3, 2005

We started with a discussion of the club officers. As far as I know all except Krys want to remain as officers. Current officers are; Ray Stoner - President, Mark Howe - Vice President, Bob Yanecek - Treasurer and Krys Davidson - Secretary.

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September 05 meeting minutes

September 29, 2005

Following are the meeting minutes from the September meeting, it was a short meeting with little to cover, so the notes will be short. On the other hand, it gave us a lot of time to jabber.

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July 05 Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2005

Here are the minutes from Saturdays meeting.

Discussion started around where and when to fly the Club Project. It was decided to fly it in Mansfield at the October Launch (October 1-2). It should be fully prepped and virtually ready to fly upon arrival in Mansfield.

Mark Howe and others are going to contact the media for a pre-story and story on site.

Alternate launch sites are being investigated by Jim Kurilich. There is a small airport near Rosalia that looks promising. Jim will contact the City of Rosalia to see if it is a possible site to launch at.

Marty was issued a check for the motor purchase for the club project. The club project fund is fully depleted.

Treasury report indicates approximately $400 balance following Marty's reimbursement.

Stainless steel rods will be purchased for the Model pads, 1/8" and 3/16" rods are needed.

Four rails will be purchased for the high power pads, they will be six feet long each.

A trailer maintenance party will be held on the 4th Saturday of August (the 27th) following the club meeting to perform some needed repairs, cleaning and other items. The roof needs repainted, doors repaired and rods and rails cleaned. A check out of the launch control system also needs to be done.

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June 05 meeting minutes

June 29, 2005

Ray Stoner
Krys Davidson & daughter
Mark Howe
Bob Yanacek
Dave Glass
Greg Allen
The Phillips family (Mr. Mrs. & Joel)
Harold and Donna Kellams

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Meeting minutes April 2005

April 24, 2005

SPARC had it's monthly meeting Saturday morning at HobbyTown. The minutes of the meeting follow.

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Center of thank you card from the scouts

March 30, 2005

card center.jpg

This is the center of the card from Scout troop 216 received following the March launch.

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Front of the thank you card from the scouts

Card Front.jpg

I received this thank you card from Scout troop 216 following the March launch

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Meeting Minutes March 2005

March 27, 2005

The club meeting was held on March 26, 2005 at HobbyTown a the north division Y. In attendance were Bob Yanecek, Harold Kellems, David Stubbs, Marty Weiser, Jim Kurilich, Ray Stoner, Krys Davidson, Mark Howe and Terry Morre-Read.

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Club Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2005

Club Meeting Minutes 26-Feb.-05

1. Matt from Hobby Town spoke to us for a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting. He covered topics related to how Hobby Town is planning to support SPARC. Matt is still working on getting set up with AeroTech, they have lost his paperwork several times, he plans to submit the paperwork everyday, until he gets results. He is expanding the rocketry related area and plans to carry PML, LOC, parachutes, altimeters and other items like motor cases can be special ordered. HobbyTown will be offering paid SPARC members a 5% HobbyTown discount along with another 5% SPARC member discount, for a total of 10% discount on purchases. I will be sending a membership list to Matt.

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Election Results

January 6, 2005

I am pleased to announce the results of SPARC's first ever contested election of officers (previous selections have involved arm twisting and such). For 2005 Ray Stoner was elected President and Mark Howe was elected as Vice President. Krys Davidson and Bob Yanecek agreed to continue to serve when no one volunteered as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

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