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We are a small group that focuses on rockets flying to altitudes of 7000' or more depending on conditions.

Launch dates will be posted here as soon as they become known. If you sign up as a member (form can be downloaded below), you will receive e-mail notification of impending launches and club activities.

Please check back to the site for updates as they become available.

Directions to our launch site can be found here.

Primary Club Contacts

Joe Cooney509-951-3179jcooney805@comcast.net
Marty Weiser509-994-9926martyweiser@ccser.com
Mark Howe509-448-7264mwhowe56@msn.com
Bob Yanecek509-220-7280absworld@cet.com
Please, no calls after 8PM!

November launch cancelled.

November 11, 2015

Looks like the weather is not going to cooperate so the make-up launch scheduled for Saturday November 14'th is cancelled. We may try a quick pick-up launch with short notice later in the year depending on weather. president bob

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October launch Cancelled

October 31, 2015

As of 11 am on Saturday, I am cancelling Sundays launch. Winds are still in the 18 mph plus range. Rescheduling will take place on Monday or Tuesday. Joe Cooney Launch Director

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T-2 hours and holding until our next launch

It is now Saturday morning and Joe's decision to cancel plans for today has proven wise. Sunday is still an option though the forecast remains poor. We will remain at T-2 hours and holding while watching the forecast regularly. There will not be a porta potty on-site. There will be a minimum of 2 hour notice posted here as to our actual start time. Saturday October 31'st is no longer an option. Sunday November 1'st (note time change) is still an option. No need to charge batteries as they are now on permanent solar trickle charge. president bob

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October 31'st launch is GO

October 21, 2015

We are just over a week away from our last scheduled launch of the season, Saturday October 31'st. The burn ban has been lifted and conditions have mellowed nicely. Joe Cooney will be your launch director for this Halloween themed launch. Set-up begins 0900. Range open 1000 - 1500 or when interest dies down. Our new Solar battery charging system has been installed and is up and running. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to launch day. president bob

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Rob Emanuele launch report

June 09, 2015

Sorry for the delayed launch report. We had another beautiful albeit hot day for flying. I'm not sure I was out of my car one minute before Joe Cooney and Jim Jobson had something flying.

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David Powers launch report

I agree with Alan a great two days; prefect weather, fun watching the Midway students, and fun helping future launchers.

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Alan Roberts launch report

What a great two days of Rocketry we had this past Friday and Saturday.

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June launch concluded

June 06, 2015

What a great day for Rockets! Weather was HOT but awesome. Great turnout. Congratulations to Eastern Washington University on their USLI test flight. Next launch is set for October 31'st. Joe Cooney will be Launch Director for a Halloween themed event. president bob

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June Launch dates

May 25, 2015

We have 2 launch dates defined for June. First will be in support of Midway Elementary 5'th graders. Primary date is Friday June 5'th with Monday the 8'th serving as a back-up date in case of inclement weather. The public is welcome to attend and help cheer the kids on as they experience rocketry for the first time. Our next regular launch will be Saturday June 6'th with Rob Emanuele as your Launch Director.

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Dave Glass launch report

May 10, 2015

Well, as seems to be the case lately, I was only able to launch half the rockets I brought. And rather than give a rundown of motors and performance, I'll just say this: there were enough of those perfect and beautiful flights that make up for all the CATO's, tree-hangs, five-mile walks, and core samples. It was a good day to fly.

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