Welcome to the SPARC website.

We are a small group that focuses on rockets flying to altitudes of 7000' or more depending on conditions.

Launch dates will be posted here as soon as they become known. If you sign up as a member (form can be downloaded below), you will receive e-mail notification of impending launches and club activities.

Please check back to the site for updates as they become available.

Directions to our launch site can be found here.

Primary Club Contacts

Marty Weiser509-994-9926martyweiser@comcast.net
Mark Howe509-448-7264mwhowe56@msn.com
Bob Yanecek509-220-7280absworld@cet.com
Please, no calls after 8PM!

David Bowman launch report

May 14, 2018

SPARC had a great Missiles fOr Moms launch, and even had a few moms present! The wind was a bit of a challenge and kept us mostly limited to model pads. There were a total of 44 launches ranging from Mark Howe's Estes Meanie on an A3-4T to David Powers' Patriot on an I366 Redline. We totaled approximately 3015 N-sec of total Impulse, equivalent to an L motor. We also burned about 1.9kg of propellent ( ~386g of black powder and ~1540 g of composite). Thanks for the support to your's truly in my first outing as launch director. Next time we'll name an LCO who knows which direction arms the pad switches! David Bowman

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May launch concluded

May 13, 2018

It was warm and sunny with a sporadic breeze out of the NE. Turnout was moderate but we maintained steady activity until almost 4. I don't think any rockets were lost but, when I left 2 were un recovered due to hanging in trees. president bob

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Nest launch scheduled for Mother's Day

April 14, 2018

We are now aiming for our first launch of the season on Mothers Day, Sunday May 13'th. David Bowman will be your launch director. Stay tuned for daily status updates once we get to T-1 week. president bob

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March 25'th launch cancelled

March 25, 2018

Due to yesterday's snowfall we still have 3" of snow on the ground so we are cancelling our planned launch for Sunday the 25'th of March. President Bob

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SPARC - Primary Club Contacts:

December 22, 2017

Marty Weiser 509-994-9926 martyweiser@comcast.net
Mark Howe 509-448-7264 mwhowe56@msn.com
Bob Yanecek 509-220-7280 absworld@cet.com

Please, no calls after 8PM!

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December launch cancelled

December 16, 2017

Last night, the forecast looked decent for today. This morning is now showing a cloud deck of 1000 - 2000 ft. all day. More snow is expected tomorrow so we are canceling the launch. president bob

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December launch

December 2, 2017

We are aiming for one last launch opportunity this year. Goal is one day of the weekend, December 16 or 17. The reason for 2 date options is to allow for weather. A final decision will be made during the week prior. Low clouds, wind, rain, or snow are criteria for canceling. Also, field conditions (mud/snow). Daily status updates will begin here at T-1 week. Marty Weiser will be your launch director. president bob

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November launch Cancelled

November 4, 2017

Time to throw in the towel for launch. Snow began an hour ago and we are expecting several inches between now and tomorrow afternoon. president bob

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Next launch November 5

October 14, 2017

We are currently aiming for launch on Sunday November 5'th. Marty Weiser will be your launch director. Still too early to guess at the weather. Daily status updates will begin at T-1 week. President Bob

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Marty Weiser launch report

June 4, 2017

We didn't advertise the launch as WheatChex, but with 16" tall wheat in June, I figured it would be nice to revive the name. It was a great two days of rocketry supporting four different youth groups ranging from cub scouts to college kids. Friday 6/2 was set up for roughly 100 5th graders from Midway elementary in the Mead SD. SPARC president Bob Yanecek has been working with the teachers from well over a decade to teach some rocketry as part of the science curriculum and have the students build and fly variations on the Estes Alpha. There were 113 5th grade flights on motors from A through D with most flights being on C and D motors. Bob obviously instills the small rocket - big motor philosophy we see in his efforts. I am surprised there weren't any Es. There were a couple of high power demo flights on H & I motors for the kids during the day from both SPARC stalwarts and HS students from Riverpoint Academy which is also in the Mead SD. After the 5th grades left, I stayed on and supported a couple of more Riverpoint flights including two NAR Jr. L1 certs. Saturday was another great day of flying as a lightly advertised public launch. We hosted Cub Scout Pack 351 from the Spokane West Plains and students from the EWU Rocketry. The Cub Scouts had built Quest Starhawks and flew them multiple times A through C motors. They appeared to have a great time and enjoyed the models that were given away after midday by some folks that were clearing out their fleets. The more public aspect of the launch resulted in some midpower flights to go with the low and high power flights seen on Friday. EWU Rocketry had about a dozen members on site - most were focused on the test flight of their capstone project which is a boosted dart, but a few were doing L1 certs and additional flights of their L1 rockets to gain experience. After multiple ground tests of the deployment charges and some fussing with the booster to dart transition the boosted dart had a successful launch with full redundant dual deployment in both units on a J800. Pictures and later this week data can be found in the EWU Rocketry Facebook page. The launch was lightly publicized since we had some issues in posting to both the SPARC website and the SPARC Facebook page. One has been resolved while there is still work to be done on the other. However, that was not the only technical difficulty. There was some confusion in dealing with the FAA in Seattle that resulted in the launch being listed as having a 20 mile radius cylinder rather than a 0.5 mile radius cylinder 20 miles north of GEG. Fortunately, we were low enough and Spokane TRACON had the information right so they could handle the air traffic until the misunderstanding was sorted out. Special thanks to Bob Yanecek, Alan Roberts, and David Glass for everything they did on both days to make this a great SPARC launch to end the spring season. The flight stats are listed below and the total impulse was about 7000 N-s or the equivalent of about an M1600. Marty

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