Welcome to the SPARC website.

We are a small group that focuses on rockets flying to altitudes of 7000' or more depending on conditions.

Launch dates will be posted here as soon as they become known. If you sign up as a member (form can be downloaded below), you will receive e-mail notification of impending launches and club activities.

Please check back to the site for updates as they become available.

Directions to our launch site can be found here.

Primary Club Contacts

Joe Cooney509-951-3179jcooney805@comcast.net
Marty Weiser509-994-9926martyweiser@ccser.com
Mark Howe509-448-7264mwhowe56@msn.com
Bob Yanecek509-220-7280absworld@cet.com
Please, no calls after 8PM!

April launch date defined

March 21, 2015

We have our first launch date of the year defined. Saturday, April 4'th with the 5'th serving as a back-up date due to potential weather issues. Marty Weiser will be your launch director. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer. President Bob

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David Powers launch report

November 02, 2014

I got to the Launch site in the rain at about 9:00am to find everyone under Joe’s cover. Started with my dog toy squeakers rocket, No Noise (because it does not whistle) on a C11-7 to test the ceiling.

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Joe Cooney launch report

Halloween has come and gone and with it the 2014 flying season for SPARC. Yesterdays weather was dismal and wet at best. Today looks wonderful, but yesterday was the only day that would work for me.

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Mark Howe Launch Report

Unfortunately I arrived on site after the nice weather had went away and was greeted with rain showers. The showers dampened everything around us except for our desire to launch rockets! I came with only four rockets, all of which I had prepped for the June SPARC launch but had never gotten around to launching. Managed to put up 3 out of the 4.

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Dave Glass launch report

Well yes, it did start out drizzly. I was the first one at the site and wondered if I'd missed the cancellation memo! However, it did let up quite a bit and several flights were put up.

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November launch concluded

November 01, 2014

The forecast called for light showers to end late morning. The forecast was wrong, light showers persisted all day. That didn't stop us from launching as we had light but steady activity from about 0930 until we shut down the range around 1430. This concludes our 2014 launch season. president bob

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Launch today is GO

We are GO for our last scheduled launch of the season today, Saturday November 1'st. While it is currently dry, we are expecting a light band of showers to pass through before 1100. We will be setting up the range around 0900 and then be ready with hopes of several hours of good flying conditions.

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Membership & Waiver Form

September 30, 2014

This document contains the club membership form, spectator waiver, and the "Code of Conduct" for the club. It must be filled out on a yearly basis. Download file

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2014 Launch schedule

September 05, 2014

We have one more launch scheduled for 2014. Saturday November 1'st Joe Cooney Launch Director. This site will have daily status updates beginning at T-1 week to launch. president bob

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SPARC - Primary Club Contacts:

September 04, 2014

Joe Cooney 509-951-3179 jcooney805@comcast.net
Marty Weiser 509-994-9926 martyweiser@ccser.com
Mark Howe 509-448-7264 mwhowe56@msn.com
Bob Yanecek 509-220-7280 absworld@cet.com

Please, no calls after 8PM!

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